What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – Apr 29-May 5


We start the week with Renee playing Crown of Emara on Monday night, “One of the games we got in from Germany that I’d been hearing a lot of good buzz about so we excited to play. It has 2 rondels, each a 4 space action board. On your turn you play a card to a slot on your player board, which allows you to do the action on the card and move your councelor on one of the rondels the number of spaces on the slot, plus perform 3 bonus actions. Managing the movement of the councelors and timing your actions each round takes some planning, but the actions themselves are pretty streamlined. Thematically you are attracting citizens to your town and building houses to ensure they have a place to live, so you also have to balance the actions that increase the citizens with the number of houses you’ve built. This was right up my alley and I really enjoyed it, as did the other players. It also apparently solos very well, with you being able to set the difficulty by changing the number of houses you start with each game. Definitely recommend checking this out if you enjoy medium weight Euros.”


She then got in another play of Res Arcana, “I went into this game undefeated in 4 games, which Kevin took as a challenge. Another fun round of this game for me! I was happy with the engine I got going, this time collecting and exchanging resources which allowed me to buy 2 places of power which I was able to start collecting essences on for points so it was looking good. But then Kevin managed to collect all the elan, then in the last round used the prism to turn it all into gold and managed to buy 5 monuments for the win.”

20190429_211428.jpgWe also get an update on Greg’s Gloomhaven campaign with his Monday Board Gaming group, “Two more scenarios. The first one we accidentally had the difficulty set too high but we managed to win anyway, looting all five treasure spaces. In the second scenario Brad ended up taking a huge beating and becoming exhausted fairly early on but the rest of us managed to finish the job despite that.”


Greg got a lot of gaming in this week, starting with Cat Lady, “First game in an afternoon of playing with Alex. I decided to take the water spray cards out and didn’t use the stray cats just to simplify it a little bit. The decisions are simple enough for Alex to grasp, so she focused on getting cats and then getting the food they needed. We’ll definitely play this again.”


They followed it with AXIO, “Alex and I played this with open tiles and without the pyramid bonus scoring. She understood placing tiles next to the same colours but I had to let her know how many points each scored and she didn’t really worry about trying to score all the colours evenly. The decisions here are also fairly simple so I figured she could handle it. Might play this again with her.”


Then they played Enchanted Forest, “A roll and move with a memory element. I figured the theme and pieces would interest her, which they did, but she needed help with the movement rules and kept trying to cheat. She’s also not great at keeping information hidden. Overall she seemed to enjoy it but it might take a few more plays before she properly understands the rules.”


Later he got in a game of Carpe Diem, “Got a chance to try a 2 player with Tracy. It’s a neat tile drafting and placement game with a clever scoring mechanism. Lots of options and ways to score as you’d expect from Stefan Feld.”


My final board with a score of 107.


Greg’s gaming continues with HexRoller, “Started off an evening of Roll & Write games with this new one. You roll all the dice and then choose two of the numbers rolled, writing down those numbers in the grid, starting adjacent to a space with that number already in it. You score by connecting the pre-printed copies of each number, filling up the sections and by choosing numbers to form straights. Interesting game!”


As well as some Noch Mal, “Moved on to Noch Mal using one of the expansion pads. Gives a totally different pattern to work with so that it doesn’t become too samey.”


He also played Knapp Daneben, “Then I moved onto this one, which didn’t seem to be going that well but I got a pretty big score from taking lots of high/low numbers. I like how the choices narrow as the game goes on.”


And is it a week if Greg doesn’t play Ganz Schön Clever? “Finished off with the classic. Still can’t crack 300, although I may have got close if one number had come up towards the end.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 10.58.18 PM.png

Greg and Renee were joined by Shaun of All The Bits Podcast for Friday’s Livestream, where they started with a play of Trekking the National Parks. Greg, “Got another chance to play this, with three players this time. I enjoy it as a nice relaxing option and with three players it goes by quickly.” Renee, “I enjoyed getting a chance to play this game again. It’s a great gateway game and I think it makes a nice alternative to Ticket to Ride and such games.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 11.00.28 PM.png

They followed it with a game of Tiny Towns, Greg, “We played the town hall variant and with a random selection of buildings so it was nice to see how that can change up the game quite a bit. I look forward to trying even more of the cards and different monuments.” Renee, “I really like this game! It’s simple in its premise but takes some planning to execute a strategy well. I like that the monuments and the random set of buildings makes each game a little different.”


Back to Greg, he also played Noctiluca, “Tried a two player of this dice drafting game. It’s a fun little abstract set collection game, where the options shrink as the round goes on. The choices of which dice to draft and which jars to go for are interesting and somewhat dependent on the other player(s), so it’s definitely got some good interaction.”


“The end game – Tracy won 60 – 57.”

Renee also got a change to play a couple games of Noctiluca on the weekend with her sister. “We both enjoyed this light game. I was drawn to all the pretty dice of course, but it was a decent abstract game that I think the rest of the family will enjoy. I’d like to see what its like with more players, so will try to get it in front of them soon.”


Chris got some more miniatures finished up, “This is the first model for my Necromunda Goliath gang, the Roid Kings.”


“Some Ork reinforcements, including a new Boss Nob with converted Kombi-Skorcha for Kill Team as well as some heavy weapon support for my boyz.”


“Finally, my completed Kill Team of Primaris Marines from the Crimson Fists chapter. I’ve always liked the colours of the Crimson Fists and Kill Team is the perfect opportunity for a neat little side project.”


Jeff and Emmelia also played Cat Lady with week! “It was quick, fun and simple. We loved the concept and it was really well executed. It will absolutely be added to the quick to play/quick to learn pile.”

Here’s to another week of tabletop fun!

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