What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – Apr 29-May 5


We start the week with Renee playing Crown of Emara on Monday night, “One of the games we got in from Germany that I’d been hearing a lot of good buzz about so we excited to play. It has 2 rondels, each a 4 space action board. On your turn you play a card to a slot on your player board, which allows you to do the action on the card and move your councelor on one of the rondels the number of spaces on the slot, plus perform 3 bonus actions. Managing the movement of the councelors and timing your actions each round takes some planning, but the actions themselves are pretty streamlined. Thematically you are attracting citizens to your town and building houses to ensure they have a place to live, so you also have to balance the actions that increase the citizens with the number of houses you’ve built. This was right up my alley and I really enjoyed it, as did the other players. It also apparently solos very well, with you being able to set the difficulty by changing the number of houses you start with each game. Definitely recommend checking this out if you enjoy medium weight Euros.”

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