What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – April 22-28

We start the week with Sam playing the new Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, “This game plays a lot like Mansions of Madness with the integrated app, but has the urgency of the Lord of the Rings living card game. Enemies have armour which is a nice touch, and the cooperative theme makes for a fun and challenging evening. Each player picks a hero and a class. I played as Legolas who was a hunter. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loved Mansions of Madness or loves the Lord of the Rings theme in games!”

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X-Wing Wave 2 Championship

Staw Wars X-Wing

The Sentry Box will be running the X-Wing Wave 2 Championship on Saturday May 25th. This event will mark the completion of our Wave 2 Events and will be an Extended event using the new points values and Hyperspace format.

Entry to the Championship is $10.00 and the Player Meeting will start at 10:00am. The number of rounds will be dependent on attendance.

Reviewing Strontium Dog – Part 1 The Setting


Imagine my delight in finding that a reputable company had made a game about a beloved, if a bit obscure, comic character of my youth, and further, that it was written by a couple of heroes from my childhood.
Sound too good to be true?
Come have a closer look at Strontium Dog The Miniatures Game and see if it can live up to the nostalgia of a youth misspent…

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What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – April 1-7

Another week of gaming with the folks at The Sentry Box, with reactions and mini-reviews.

On Monday’s Board Game Night Renee played Yspahan again, “teaching 2 new players and this time Jeff and I trying strategies that we didn’t focus on last time, including taking cards and the camel caravan. The cards proved very useful, providing opportunities to do extra actions or pay less for buildings. I attempted to score in the last round on the camel caravan, but Kevin filled it and cleared it on the last round before it could score. I enjoyed it again and its a very decent quick playing game.”

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