Kickstarter Update March 30

Today we bring you another update on our Kickstarters. During the last 7 weeks we’ve backed 8 more projects and received 3 backed projects in the store.  If you want to be updated when new products – including Kickstarters – arrive at Sentry Box, follow us on Facebook.  And if you see a project you want, just contact us at the store to be added to the pre-orders for the project. It works just like any other order at the store, you only pay when you pick up the game. This is a great way to get your hands on some of the most popular kickstarted games without having to pay upfront plus you don’t have to pay for shipping!

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Bitz Trading Day

Lots of bitz

Come down to The Sentry Box on Sunday June 2nd from 11:00am to 5pm and bring your bitz, models, terrain and parts to trade with other gamers. We will have table space available for you to show your wares but it is limited so come early if you want to claim some table space.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get rid of some old models, get some new “old” models or find the perfect parts for your latest conversion.

We will also have a selection of products available at discounted prices.

What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – March 18-24

New arrival from GAMA Tiny Towns made it to the table on Monday Board Gaming Night. Greg, “Got another chance to play this new game, and this time we added the monuments, which are individual buildings each player can build. Looking forward to trying some of the other options too.” Renee, “Monday I was really happy to get to try Tiny Towns after seeing so many pics and mentions of it coming out of GAMA. It is a fun, quick little game that requires quite a bit of planning. You place resources on the squares, each player taking a turn to decide what everyone has to place, and then you need to create certain patterns in order to build the different buildings. The tricky part is not having control of which resources you get to place and making sure that when you build your buildings you leave spaces you can use to create the necessary patterns. Sounds easier than it is. Hoping to get it to the table again soon.”

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A Song of Ice & Fire Game Day

A Song of Ice  Fire

Saturday April 6th

Interested in learning to play CMoN’s new Tabletop Miniatures Game set in the A Song of Ice & Fire universe?

Sentry Box will be running our second A Song of Ice & Fire Game Day, come down with a 40 point list and meet some new players, or if you are new and don’t know which end of a Builder Scorpion to point at a Savage Giant why not ask for a Demo Game as our experienced staff will be on hand throughout the event to answer questions and show off the game.

Demos start at 11:00 am and will run until 4:00 pm. Play space will be available from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm for everyone else.

KeyForge Chainbound Tournament


Come down to The Sentry Box on Saturday April 27th at 11:00am for the KeyForge Chainbound Tournament. The event starts at 10:30 am with the first round beginning at 11:00am.

Entry to the event is $13.49 which covers the cost of a sealed deck. The number of rounds is dependent on the number of players and there is a cap of 36 players. The format for the event is Best of One, Standard Swiss sealed event.

An Asmodee account is required for play in all chainbound events. To be entered into the software you must have a valid account on the KeyForge App so that we can scan your personal QR Code and then log the deck at the event.

For more information please check out the Master Vault.

Star Wars X-Wing – Hyperspace Trial

Hyperspace Trial

Come to The Sentry Box on Star Wars Day, Saturday May 4th, for our Star Wars X-Wing Hyperspace Trial. The event starts at 9:00am and the first round begins at 9:30am. Entry to the event is $25.00 if you preregister and $30.00 on the day. There will be five rounds with a a cut to the top 8. There is a soft cap of 64 players.

It will be a full day of high level competitive X-Wing against the best players Alberta has to offer.

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Transformers TCG 2 Pack tournament

Transformers TCG

Come to The Sentry Box on Thursday April 4th for a Transformers TCG 2 Pack tournament. Player registration begins at 6:00pm with the first round starting at 6:30pm.

Entry to the event is $15 which includes two packs and the remaining will be used to build the prize pool for the event. There will be three round with each round being determined by a best of three games.

What have The Sentry Box been up to March 11-17

This week we have a lot of content from the staff stuck at the store in Calgary as well as a slew of games Greg was able to check out at GAMA in Reno.

Renee played Clank! In! Space! with the Apocolypse! expansion at Monday Night Board Gaming. “It was a lot of fun to play this game again and awesome to finally play it as a 4 player game after having only played it with 2 players in the past. I definitely enjoyed it more at the higher count, with more competition on the board and the cards in the market changing with higher frequency. The expansion was great – I loved that it added a different scenario and some additional mechanics to the game, while making the game just feel like a better version of the original. If I ever pick this up, I’ll definitely grab Apocalypse as well. In the scenario we played, as black cubes came out we lost things – including 2 of the 4 escape pods. This made it a tight race to get out, and while I wan’t sure I’d actually escape, I was hoping to at least make it to the Cargo Bay so I wouldn’t die….but one turn away from accomplishing this, Kevin unceremoniously had Lord Eradikus kill both Setareh and me. Oh well, maybe next time.”

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HeroClix Cosmic Confluence WizKids Open

HeroClix Winter Open

Come to The Sentry Box on Saturday March 30th for the HeroClix Cosmic Confluence WizKids Open. Registration starts at 11:00am and the first round begins at 12:00. Entry is $15.00 for the Constructed event. This is a National Championship Qualifications event.

This is a 300 point Modern Age Constructed and will consist of three Swiss rounds followed by a single elimination round.

The winner of the event earns a 2018-2019 HeroClix National Championship Qualification. If the winner of the event already earned a 2018-2019 HeroClix National Championship Qualification in the country in which the event is being held, the qualification passes down to the highest ranked player who does not already have a qualification from an event held in the same country.

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