What have The Sentry Box staff been up to – Feb 4-10

This week’s Monday Night Board Gaming started with a game of Doppelt so Clever! Greg, “We got our copies in from Germany so I had to play a game, teaching it to three new players. Loving this, but it’s hard!” Renee, “Played a couple solo games this week and still don’t feel as clever as I’d like.”

Greg and Renee played Underwater Cities, Greg, “The main course for Monday night was a game of Underwater Cities, which comes out in March in North America. I really like this. It’s worker placement with card play and so there’s a bit of tactical play as well as a few different strategies to go for. Nice re-playability with the metropolises and end game scoring cards too. Can’t wait to get a copy.” Renee, “I really enjoyed this game. The hand management part was interesting as you have a hand limit of 3 cards and you’re trying to match the card colour to your worker placement colour in order to get additional actions. There is an ability to create some engines  with some cards giving you bonus’ when doing certain actions, in similar way to Terraforming Mars, so lots to try and master in this game.”

Lastly Brikks, Greg, “Finished off with another German roll & write, this time a Tetris-style game where you roll to see what piece comes out and try to fill your rows. I like the energy mechanism to allow rotations or switching out the pieces.” Renee, “By the same designer as the Clever games, this game is another fun and thinky roll and write. Clever enough that you want to play solo and improve your score.”

Later in the week Greg also played Noch Mal,  Greg, “Gave this German roll and write a solo spin and I like it. Roll dice for colours and numbers and try to fill in columns and/or complete colours. I’d like to try it with opponents to see how it affects the choices.” Renee also gave it a try, “Played a couple solo games and quite liked it, then played with my sister and she loved it too. A great addition to my growing roll and write collection.”


Greg also got a chance to try Bloxx!, “The other Tetris-style roll and write. This one is much easier as you can freely rotate or mirror the pieces, it’s more about how to maximize your score.”


“Having just tried Bloxx! with Tracy I wanted to play Brikks as well to get her thoughts on a comparison. She said she preferred Bloxx! because Brikks is more difficult. Brikks definitely is harder and a little more frustrating because you’re more at the mercy of the dice. Plus we were playing it on easy mode. I can only imagine how difficult it would get on the trickier settings!”

Danielle and Jeff played Discover Lands Unknown, Danielle, “Played this for the third time. We enjoyed the exploring and resource gathering but it felt like not much thought was put into the scenario – it was disjointed and confusing and didn’t feel like the same game. Also we were all killed by the final monster :(” Jeff, “It was my first time and I thought the exploring and survival mechanics were very very good, but as Danielle said, the scenario didn’t feel like it fit. That said, they say every box is unique, and comes with different tiles and scenarios, so despite the weaker story element, it’s still a game I would be excited to buy for my collection.”

Gord played more Napoleonic Wars, “Starting the night, the French player seemed to be in a very powerful position but disaster after die rolling disaster over the evening caused his complete demoralization. I have never seen that particular player ever roll so consistently bad before. It’s not an untenable position but it is going to take some work to recover.” Later in the week, “After about ten games of GMT’s Space Empires with both expansions, we decided to try a normal three player game without the Replicators as a player. We’ve added the ground rules, industrial and research complexes, and new ship types from the first expansion. It’s only about four turns in but seems to be fine so far. We also added a house rule where you can’t upgrade a technology unless it has been used by the player in some manner. For example, you couldn’t buy Fighter 2 tech unless you had fighter’s with Fighter 1 tech in some sort of combat.”


Kris got to play 4 games of X-Wing this week:

And I didn’t even have to drive to Calgary, it was awesome! I played two games with an Imperial list, taking advantage of the recent points reduction for Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced X1, two TIE Strikers from the Rogue One movie and a TIE Fighter. Vader still hits like a truck and I now have leftover points to slap a couple of upgrades on to my other ships which has really helped them deal damage, even if the list relies on not getting hit back to survive.

The other list I have been trying out is a Scum & Villainy list featuring Fenn Rau, Old Teroch, Captain Seevor and an Outer Rim Pioneer. This list didn’t benefit from the points changes as most of the stuff in my old Scum list got more expensive so I just kept Fenn Rau and built from there, the two Fang Fighters do a lot of the work with the Mining Guild TIE trying to take up annoying positions on the table and the Escape Craft just hovers around taking potshots and giving out extra actions.

Both lists seem to be doing well so I will have to start planning a Resistance List next, and the new A-Wings look super cool!

On Friday’s livestream, Greg, Renee, River and Nick played Architects of the West Kingdom. Renee, “I was really excited to try this out as I really like Raiders of the North Sea and had heard good things about this latest game in the line. A non-typical worker placement in which you have 20 workers but as you place them on the board they stay in the spots, making future actions at that spot more powerful.  You can either use an action to pay to get your own workers back or wait for you opponents to round them up and earn money to send them to jail and then collect them from jail. Ultimately you’re collecting resources to help build the cathedral or build your own buildings which can give you bonuses, allowing you to create a bit of an engine. I didn’t love it as much as Raiders, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit and would love to play it again.”


Greg finished reading Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind, “I quite enjoyed this. It wasn’t mindblowing in concept but the characters were likeable and there were some interesting ideas (the confessors). As for what the Wizard’s First Rule is, you’ll just have to read it to find out. Or, I guess, Google it…” Amanda also notes, “one of my favorite series, I read it along time ago. One of the first fantasy series I read. I got to the 13th book and then stopped and started reading the spin off years later which is also good.”

Image from iOS (22)

Kris also got in some painting this week, “I painted a quick model today while Evie decided to have a long nap! A Tomb Banshee for my Tale of Four Gamers Army, it’s a fairly old sculpt now and I have wanted an excuse to paint on for a while. The GW app failed me this time as I am sure there is no way that the colours it suggests match how they did theirs but I am happy with how she turned out.” Speaking of which, a new entry in the Tale of Four Gamers has been published.

Image from iOS (72)

Renee finished the week with a game of Quacks of Quedlinburg and finished her game with her most successful pull yet getting all the way to the end of the track with only 4 white! “Hadn’t played this with my sister for a while so we had to get it back to the table. So much fun still!”

Hope everyone had a good week of gaming, reading and painting!





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