What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – Jan 28-Feb 3

Greg and Renee kicked off Monday Board Gaming Night with Forum Trajanum, Greg, “We were all new to this so it was a learning game with a bit of fumbling through the rules, and there’s a fair bit going on so it was difficult to get a feel for strategy. I’d definitely like to play again now that I’ve got a handle on the rules.”  Renee, “I was pretty excited to try this new Feld game and I enjoyed trying to figure it out. I agree with Ben: “This is Bora Bora all over again: not enough turns.” In true Feld fashion you have to make choices about how you’re going to get your points, with 4 types of scoring being done at the end of each of the 3 cycles. There is an interesting drafting component at the beginning of each turn, where you get 2 action tiles to choose from, giving one to your neighbour and keeping one for yourself, then choosing between using the action you selected and the one you were given. The thing is, if want a tile to put out on the board during your building action, you have to select the tile given to you by your neighbour. Hard choices! There are special abilities to be obtained, ways to increase your scoring power, and bonus layouts to achieve. So lots going on. This game will definitely take a few more plays…”


Final board position – Ben won but Greg pushed him pretty close.

They also got to play another game of Quacks of Quedlinburg! Greg, “We opted for a random selection of ingredients in this one, and I started slowly but managed to stay in the pack and pulled off a last round win due to everyone else exploding.”

Renee finally played Railroad Ink: The Blazing Red Edition, “Only we played without the expansion, so other than the colour of the board, it was the same game.” Greg, “Still just the base game but I managed better than my first game of this, making one big network that connected 9 exits and gave me good longest road and rail scores. I’d like to try the expansion dice now.”

Renee and Greg finished off with a two player game of the sequel to Ganz Schön CleverTwice as Clever, Greg, “It was really interesting, but hard! Can’t wait to play this more. Renee pipped me by two points 185 – 183.” Renee, “It is definitely more clever than the original. The base mechanic is the same, but the choices are very different. Seems harder…Played it again with my sister on Tuesday morning and almost cracked 200. Almost.”

20190202_203541.jpgLater in the week Greg got himself a new high score in Twice as Clever!

He also played Architects of the West Kingdom, “From the same designer and artist as Raiders of the North Sea, so it has a familiar look and feel, and is also a worker placement game, but definitely has significant differences. The ability to have your workers captured gives it a bit of a push your luck feel, and makes planning more difficult but also more interesting. Fun game, not too long and one I’d like to try with more players.”

Renee played a new arrival to the store, Tiny Ninjas, “I quite like it. It’s a quick 2 player game in which players take turns using their cards to attack or defend, using custom dice to determine the strength of the attack or defense. There is some planning as you draw up to a hand of 5 cards at the beginning of your attack turn, playing as many as you’d like, but only have the remaining cards to use during your defend turn. This is a great little game from a local designer.”

Annotation 2019-02-04 112901

Greg, Renee, Jeff and River played the popular Quacks of Quedlinburg on Friday’s livestream.


Sue painted 2 Games Workshop (GW) bodyguards from the Godsworn Hunt pack for her GW Darkoath Warqueen. “They *were* easy to assemble as they only came in 2 pieces! I painted the pieces separately and only joined them at the end to avoid creating any hard to reach areas on the models.”

Kris ran the Batman: The Miniatures Game Demo on Saturday, “Lots of fun even if Batman didn’t quite pull his weight. The Joker and his crew of Clowns were robing a branch of Wayne Financial when the Caped Crusader swooped in to stop the Clown Prince of Crime in his tracks, unbeknownst to the Caped Crusader the Joker was quite happy to just blow up his own henchmen to put damage on to the Bat and after retrieving the loot, Batman was forced to Batclaw his way to safety while the Joker escaped continuing his crime spree across Gotham!”


Gord played some D&D, “Running more of the Dungeon of the Mad Mage. It was somewhat of a long distance game as five us were at my place with two people connected via phone on the last third of a 22 hour drive from Ohio to Denver. Tricky at times with an iffy Skype connection but it worked.”

That’s the weekly report from us. Hope everyone had a fun week of gaming!


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