What have The Sentry Box Staff been up to – Jan 21-27

Greg kicked off the week with Gravitrax, “Not a game as such, but it’s something I brought in from Ravensburger and is super awesome fun! The starter set is great value and walks you through some layouts before offering some challenges and then you can always make up your own tracks too.”

Monday Board Game Night saw Renee playing a bunch of shorter games, “Including 3 plays of Welcome To with different player counts. I like that in addition to being able to get points in different ways (pools, parks etc), the varying 3 city plans change everyone’s strategies each game.”

She also played Quacks of Quedlinburg 2 times, “So much fun! I love this press your luck game in which you attempt to build a strong bag of ingredients. Played with new players so we used the first 2 ingredient sets again, but this allowed me to try some different strategies…which weren’t overly successful… Still looking forward to trying the other ingredient sets.” She played again on the weekend, “Played with the 3rd set of ingredients and had another really fun game! I like that this is one of my most played games of the month so far and I still have another set of ingredients and the alternate player board to discover. This game is so much fun!”

She finally got to try Railroad Ink: The Deep Blue Edition, “Although we played without the blue expansion. This was a fun quick game, in which you must draw the 4 dice faces rolled each round in an attempt to build interlocking road and rail networks. I kept to the edges in an attempt to try and connect the most exits, despite missing out on points for being in the centre of the board, and it paid off. I will have to try it next time with the rivers and lakes expansion.”

She then played a game of The Mind ,”with 2 players I have never played with before, which proved once again that this game does reward repeat plays with players that are familiar with each other and can successfully read each other body language. Heard of a second couple that managed to beat the game with lots of repeat plays.” Followed by a game called Halli Galli “that was a Jungle Speed style game of pattern recognition and reflexes. The cards each have pictures of 1 to 5 fruits of various types, and players take turns flipping them over on discard piles in front of themselves. The first player to recognize that there are exactly 5 of the same type of fruit showing, rings the bell and wins all the cards on the table. If you run out of cards, you’re eliminated from the game.”
She finished the evening with a game of Kingdomino, “I always enjoy a quick game of this tile drafting game in which you have to balance picking a good tile in one round with turn order in the following round. Somehow I always end up regretting how I laid out my tiles in the first half of the game.”

annotation 2019-01-28 132416

On Friday’s livestream Kris played Arkham Horror: The Card Game with Bill and Nic. If you’re curious about this very popular living card game, this is a great chance to check it out and watch it being played by 3 seasoned players.

On the weekend Renee played Tokyo Highway, “A fun new dexterity game where you use wooden pillars and popsicle sticks to build roads. Anytime you build a road that crosses over and/or under your opponents’ roads, you get to place your cars on the highway. First player to place all their cars wins. Because of this mechanic, the game gets tight and intertwined very quickly. A fun dexterity game that rewards planning.”

She also got to play Railroad Ink again, “Played a 2 player game and as expected, as everyone has their own board and turns are played simultaneously, the game plays similarly with different player counts. As I was playing with a new player, I still haven’t tried the expansions yet.” Thanks to a tip on Facebook, she printed out and played a temporary copy of Doppelt So Clever using the dice from the original Ganz Schon Clever. “This game is definitely twice as clever! The choices are interesting for sure and I’m happy I already like it. Very excited my actual copy is on its way to the store already!”

Wrapping up the week was Staff Game Night were a few of us played a couple games, Welcome To “We got to play a 5 player game with 3 new players. I do enjoy watching folks discover this game.” Greg and Renee also played Ganz Schon Clever, aka “the German dice game”, with Jim and Edward, “who agreed to allow me to teach it to them and play it. Strange that there are still people I know who haven’t played it yet…”






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