What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – Nov 12-18

This week we have more mini-review of games as well as some more painting tips from Sue!kt1

Chris got a couple more games of Kill Team in, “This time with my new Adeptus Mechanicus team of ninja robot assassins! Seen here is my game against Eldar – despite their superior firepower, I was able to press forward into the objectives. Fortunately the game ended on turn four, handing me a victory on points before the Xenos could whittle down my outnumbered forces.”

He also played Unearth, “A dice-based game with a really beautiful and interesting art style. I first noticed this game when it came out last year and read a bit about its gameplay, but hadn’t tried it out until now. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was more to the game itself than I had expected. Each one of your dice (of various sizes) represents one of your explorers, and each turn you roll one and place it on one of the five Ruin cards available in the center. I especially like the way the game balances high and low rolls – while high rolls help you claim ruins for yourself, low rolls aren’t useless – they can gather resources from the cards that allow you to construct Wonders that can score bonus victory points or even grant special powers to use on your turn. Even if another player manages to claim a ruin, if you have any dice on that ruin yourself you’ll gain power cards that can help modify your rolls, move your dice around or re-roll them. An enjoyable experience and a game I’m now eyeing for my own collection.”

Renee played Illusion, “One of the Monday Night Gamers had noticed that I mentioned it in the blog and requested a game so we started the evening with a couple games which gave me an opportunity to teach it to a few different people.”

Renee also played Altiplano, “I’ve been wanting to play this again for a while now so I brought it to Monday game night. I taught it to 3 others who all enjoyed it as well. It’s similar to Orleans in that it is “bag” builder; you draw tokens from your bag, then using those tokens plan your actions, most of which earn you additional tokens to add to your bag. As it turned out, we all developed different strategies: warehousing, canoes, huts and orders and it ended up being very close between the top two players. This was the first time I played it confidently and I really enjoyed it, so will likely try to play it again soon.” She did! “I taught Jenn Altiplano and we played a 2 player game. Works ok at 2, although I had trouble creating a successful engine with my tokens in this bag builder. Think I prefer it with more folks, but it played faster which was nice. Curious about the upcoming expansion The Traveler.”

She also played a couple games of Morels, “A decent 2 player game of set collecting where managing your hand limit plays a huge role. The decay mechanic – discarding the closest card in the display – makes choices hard. We hadn’t played in a while and both did horribly the first game. But we did much better the second time and the game ended in a tie.”

Greg played Spirits of the Forest, “A cute little set collection game with a neat mechanism where all the tiles are face up and you can only take from the outside edge of the rows, so you can see if you are potentially setting up a good move, but you also have a way to semi-reserve tiles.” He notes that he, “also played a few games of Ganz Schön Clever because it would be rude not to.”

Zac played Battlelore with one of the twins. “Lost badly. Sadly she also trash-talked me afterwards.”

Kris played X-Wing, “Had a couple of good games using the new Lando’s Falcon model. Lots of fun and the model is super cool!”

Greg and Kris played a couple of games of KeyForge on our livestream. Greg, “For the first one Kris and I both opened new decks and just played with them. For the second one I used one of the decks I’d opened that had the Four Horsemen in it. Fun game that I want to play more, and has me wanting to open more decks!” Kris also played the starter box with Gill that night.

Amanda also played some Keyforge this weekend, “I finally convinced Jim to play! And I love it I will be picking up two decks tomorrow. Found that in the core set the one deck was way OP but still enjoyable to figure out.” She also played Dice Town, “lovely dice rolling game still fun although Jim and I agree that it is best played with more than 2 people.”

Drizzt & Friends copy

Sue did more painting this week, “This week I finished painting Drizzt Do’Urden’s companions from the D&D Board Game the Legend of Drizzt. Mostly painted to Tabletop Quality (colour then wash), but I did do some highlighting on the faces. When highlighting faces, I like to do forehead, cheeks, nose, chin. When painting Drizzt & Wulfgar (the Barbarian)’s hair, I painted a line of wash over where the hair parts, to create that shadow. Wulfgar’s outfit is a little bit shiny because I didn’t shake the wash first. A good practice is to always shake your washes right before you use them.”

Renee got more gaming in this weekend starting with Queendomino, “One table was playing this last night at Women’s Game Night and at the end of the evening both Jenn and I were asking about it, so Kerry was nice enough to lend us the game! We played it this morning and Kerry was right, a more strategic and interesting version of Kingdomino. You can place knights on tiles you just placed – Carcassonne style – for income which you can use to building buildings that give you immediate rewards and end game scoring benefits. We both really liked it.”

Renee went to the Mind Over Games fundraiser and played Terraforming Mars with the Prelude and Hellas & Elysium expansions, “This really is a well designed and solid game. Thematically you’re all collectively terraforming Mars – your actions raise the temperature, add water and increase the oxygen level – but you’re competing to be the best at it. The main mechanic is playing cards to create an engine with your resource production and since there is a huge deck of cards, your choices vary game to game and player to player. Lots of replay-ability as a result. And I like that you have to figure out how to make your cards work best for you.” She also played Goodcritters, “Sort of in the same genre of games as Cash ‘n’ Guns. The Boss doles out the money cards for the round, during which players can bribe and/or threaten The Boss and the other players. Players then secretly play their cards: vote yes or no for the way the money was distributed, skim from the top of the deck, rob another player or guard your own money against robbers. So you make alliances and enemies and hope to end up with the most money. Not my favourite style of game, but I do enjoy playing these from time to time when the opportunity arises.”

Jeff played Carcassonne, for the first time, “The game was really fun, easy to learn, and has lots of replay value. Some of the aspects reminded me of Settlers of Catan, but I enjoyed Carcassonne more. The strategy, mixed with the randomness of drawing tiles, made for a fun and exciting game where everyone was trying to get the upper hand, or find ways to steal points from other players. I will absolutely play it again.”

Finally, Jordan played a game called Flamme Rouge, “You control a pair of bikers in a race, and each biker has a small deck of cards that you play to determine how fast they move. Bikers in the front of the pack get exhausted, and bikers near the back can “slipstream” forward, but if you fall too far behind (like I did) you won’t catch up. A relatively simple game to pick up, with a lot of strategy and replay value as well.”

Hope you enjoyed your week and we gave you some ideas for games to play!



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