What Have the Sentry Box been up to – Oct 22-28

This week we have some great painting entries in the blog along with the usual games and reading.containers

Chris did some painting last weekend, “Some simple shipping containers I painted up this weekend for the terrain cabinet. Tiny graffiti is fun!”

Renee and Greg started the week with gaming at our  Monday Open Board Gaming with Time Stories: Brotherhood of the Coast:

Greg, “The Meta-Game of the overarching story is definitely starting to affect the decisions we make during the course of these scenarios. This one offered a fairly straightforward objective but the suspicion that there could be more than meets the eye was always on our mind. I do enjoy this game and continue to look forward to each new scenario.”

Renee, “The guys let me join their game this week and I had a great time! This game is so different from the games I usually play. It is a story driven game, with choose-your-own-adventure style choices to be made, I like the mechanic of exploring and gathering information, failing, resetting and then deciding what you needed to do again and what info you had to help you figure out where to go and what to do this time. We reset 2 times and each time got to do a lot of new things so it didn’t feel repetitive. Anything you had to redo, was a quick and easy task. The game is well designed and works very well. Hope to play it again!”

They also played some Abluxxen/Linko, Greg, “Renee and I played a 2 player game to figure it out and it is a fun game but I think will shine with more players.” Renee,  “One of the import games we got last week. A quick and easy card game that would likely be best played with more people. But even at 2 players I can see why this card game remains somewhat popular.”

And in the roll-and-write department, they played a couple games that were not Ganz Schon Clever:

Dice Stars Greg, “Renee taught this little roll and write and I enjoyed it quite a lot. I agree that it’s no Ganz Schön Clever but it is fun.” Renee, “Got to play a 4 player game and as with many games, this was a lot more fun with more people. A simple game but still with decent choices to make. Ended up teaching it to the family on the weekend and they quite enjoyed it too.”

Qwinto Greg, “Another game of this quick roll and write. I enjoy the genre but now they all seem to suffer from not being Ganz Schön Clever.”  Renee, “I have Qwixx, so was curious to try this “sister” game. With more choices about how many dice to roll and more flexibility about how you enter your numbers, it ends up being harder than expected. Starts easy and then you find yourself questioning everything…”

Jeff and his friends played Mysterium, “I picked it up because I am always willing and excited to try something fun and spooky, and this game didn’t disappoint. We all had a blast and played multiple rounds. Because of the way game is structured we really had to learn the rules as we went along, but after one game it was a breeze. One player plays a ghost, the other players play psychics hired to find out how the ghost died, and the ghost only appears once a year… On Halloween! The game played kind of like a fun cross between Clue and Concept, and we found depending on who plays the ghost, the game has a lot of variety. It was one of my wife’s favorite games that we have tried recently. I highly recommend it. Great for groups of friends.”


Jeff also just finished reading the Darth Bane trilogy! “I had read the first two before, years ago when they were released, but never ended up reading the finale. This trilogy is amazing. If you are a fan of Star Wars, especially Knights of the Old Republic, or Sith lore, this series is a must read. Easily some of the best Star Wars books ever published. I highly recommend this series.”

Gord reports, “Since we discovered both that we had been playing a major rule wrong in Illusions of Glory (for the last year), we gave it another try. An errata from August also fixed a few things. I must say that it has a way more historically correct feel to it now and we are enjoying it much more.”

Greg got to play new arrival Reef, “Got a two player game in tonight and it scales well as you play with fewer coral tiles in the supply. I really enjoy the constantly shifting plans and trying to arrange for multiple turn combos. It looks fantastic on the table too!”

On Friday’s livestream we played The Princes of Machu Picchu:

Greg: “I was a bit rusty on the rules, which I just realized is because it was almost ten years ago to the day that I played this game for the 1st and only previous time, at Essen in 2008. It stuck in my mind enough for me to remember it and want to play it again though. And I’m glad I got a chance to do so. It’s not as popular as some of Mac Gerdts’ other games but I enjoy it as it takes a fair bit of forward planning and there is definite player interaction in the timing of things. It’s a nice meaty, thinky game, which is right up my alley.”

Renee: “Another game where the rules themselves are simple enough: on your turn you move your prince into a neighbouring region on the map and get to do the corresponding action and when applicable take the bonus on the area. Most regions only activate once per round, so all players have a chance to also get do the action – as long as they have an Inca (worker) in that location and/or the items required to perform the action. This really requires that you plan out your movement on the board as well as ensuring you have the goods required when another player triggers an area. I loved the frustration of never feeling like you had enough time to do all the things you wanted to do and figuring how to make the most of a round to set yourself up for the next round. I can see why Greg remembered it after one play. I’m now curious about Mac Gerdts’ other games.”

This past weekend Gord played D&D 5e, “After a 4 week break, we got back into it. No action but lots of fun this time with the group. Being desperate to sell some trade goods, they unknowingly set up a medicine show in the market square. There were singing telegrams sent, rides on the shoulder of the parties Dragonborn player, a new name for the party, pictures drawn with the hero of the hour, and deals being made with a duchess without a duchy.”


On Sunday’s staff game night several games were played including the new to the store Just One, a cooperative word game in which one player has to guess a word and the other players each write down a one word clue, compare their clues, remove any duplicate clues, leaving only the unique clues for the guesser. On the first turn we ended up with 6 unique clues but on the second turn we only ended up with one clue. Fun!

Renee finally got to try Age of War, “Finally got to try Age of War, a quick fun dice rolling game in a small box. Each turn you roll the 7 dice, take one to place on a card and roll the rest, take one to place on the same card ,(or discard if you can’t use it) then roll the rest etc until all the dice are used. If you successfully get the dice required you claim the card. You can even steal cards from your opponents. But if you get all the cards in a set, you lock in the points for the set and they can’t be stolen. I liked it!!” Greg discovered later we had played a rule incorrectly, “Playing this reminded me of Pickomino, and they are in fact both designed by Reiner Knizia. They’re both dice games where you are trying to roll certain combinations to get tiles/cards that are worth points, you can protect previous points scored and can steal points off other players. I think I prefer Pickomino because the stealing in Age of War is very deliberate – you choose to go after a specific player’s card, where as in Pickomino it can be more of a byproduct of your roll. The other difference was that in Pickomino you keep all dice of whichever value you roll, where as in Age of War we were taught that you only keep one dice per roll, unless you choose swords, but I’ve since learned we played that rule wrong so it may not be as frustrating after all. Overall I can see why it’s been popular but I think there are better dice games out there.”

We also played Reef, a couple games of The Mind and finally Illusion:

Renee, “Was happy to get to play Reef again; still figuring out how to plan my moves most effectively. I always enjoy playing The Mind, and particularly enjoy watching people experience it for the first time. My first time playing Illusions, think I might end up picking up a copy…”

Gord, “Tried Reef for the first time. I was terrible at it but I can see that it will grow on you. The Mind and Illusions were really different. Both painful and fun at the same time.”

Greg, “Reef: still enjoying this game and the planning involved in trying to maximize your points.  The Mind: always a fun and interesting time.  Illusion: there are a few subtleties to this game that I think aren’t apparent right away, as far as trying to score points for yourself. It’s a simple concept, but tricky to get your head (or eyes) around the difference between some of the cards.”

Nightvault (2)

Sue has more painting updates this week:

I really wanted to finish my Nightvault, Nighthaunt warband in time for the Halloween blog.

These miniatures have so much character! I also have the Tempest of Souls box set (Lord Executioner & the one in the stocks are from that set). In the Tempest of Souls book, they recommend trying Nihilakh Oxide after priming with Corax White and that’s exactly what I did here. I did end up thinning the Nihilakh Oxide quite a bit with Lahmain Medium. The ghost in front is darker than the 4 behind him because I mixed in less Lahmain Medium than the others. I purposely did the Nihilakh Oxide wash first because the other washes leave a more striking line separating the colors. For the skulls, I just washed Agrax Earthshade over the white primer.

Before assembling, I did paint and wash everything but the outside. Then I assembled, added green stuff where necessary to make any seams less noticeable, and then washed the outside, tying it all together. I also cut most of the assembly pegs down a bit before fitting them together, as I noticed that some models were hard to push together all the way.

Varclav the Cruel (the black one on the left), was definitely the most finicky to put together. His face mask actually broke off at one point, but it was easily glued back on, and you can’t tell it was ever broken. Even though he was a little more work than the other models, I think it was definitely worth it. I love these models and am looking forward to facing their foes on the battlefield!


We end the week with some reading from Greg, “Finished reading: Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold: The first book in the Vorkosigan Saga and I enjoyed it quite a lot. The two main characters were quite engaging and I’m curious about how the story progresses in the series. It’s quite short, but there are lots more books if I want to continue reading.”



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