Team Yankee narrative event

Team Yankee

Bring down your NATO or Warsaw Pact forces to The Sentry Box, on Saturday October 20th, for a Team Yankee narrative event. Participants will play one mission @ 40 points (requires 1 less compulsory combat platoon for a legal list) and 2 missions at 64 points. The event will start at 10:00.

The Soviet tidal wave has slowed and the encircled and besieged Western Berlin is barely holding on. While air dropped supplies are being brought in daily it isn’t enough. Your historical training knows that a counter thrust to reach the besieged forces in Berlin must be be established. NATO command has briefed you and your fellow commanders on Operation Gangway which will establish a corridor between the front lines and Berlin.

Warsaw Pact:
While your war machine continues to roll over Western Germany your initial success has slowed. Soviet High Command has deemed that Berlin must no longer be a pocket of resistance in your rear. In addition to capturing bridges in Bremen and securing a crossing for the mighty Weser river you must also force a capitulation of Berlin and hold back any attempts by Nato forces to break out or reach the city. You and your fellow commanders have been briefed on Operation: разрушение (Destruction) and are expecting you to carry it out to completion.