FallCon Round-up

Greg, Kris and Renee all attended FallCon last weekend and played lots of games. Here we present the games and our observations. Enjoy!

Greg enjoyed another play of Raiders of the North Sea, “I hadn’t played this for a few months but I was very happy to play it again. It’s a fast moving game that offers interesting decisions throughout, nice artwork and all in the space of about 90 minutes.” For Renee it was a game she had been wanting to play for a while, “Amanda recommended it to me a while ago so I was happy to finally get a chance play this beautiful game. I love worker placement games so I really appreciate the mechanic of starting your turn with one worker, using it on an available space – while adhering to the placement rules based on worker colour – and then having your second action triggered by picking up a different worker from another place. This really forced you to plan ahead so you ended up with a worker of the correct colour for your next turn. Plus raiding is fun!”

As Greg notes about Century: Golem Edition, “While functionally exactly the same as Century: Spice Road I definitely find the artwork and components of the this version much more appealing.” Renee agrees, “This is a beautiful version of the game.  If you are not planning on buying Century: Eastern Wonders and its follow-up to combine with Century: Spice Road I would definitely recommend picking up this version. I have to admit that I’m tempted to pick this up anyway as I think it will be more appealing to my family members and friends and would hit the table more often as a result.”

Greg and Renee also got to play the not-yet-released Reef. Greg notes, “A really nice 45 minute game with great looking components, fast turns and nice tactical play. I see this being a worthy addition to the club of 45-60 minute games like Azul, Sagrada, Splendor and Century: Spice Road. Wouldn’t surprise me if it wins some awards.” Renee had been eagerly waiting for an opportunity to try out this game ever since it was announced, “It absolutely was as fun and beautiful a game as I had hoped it would be. It takes a bit of planning to grab the cards that give you the pieces you need to score the patterns on the same cards. Easy to learn but I can see this coming to the table a lot as we try to get higher scores. I’m looking forward to adding this to my collection as I think my nephew, who loves patterns, will enjoy it quite a bit.”

Some more games that Greg played with his observations:

Nyctophobia: The idea of this one intrigued me as it is a game of one against many, where the many are all blind (using blacked out glasses). The hunter can see and their objective is to kill one of the other players (the hunted), before they find the car and successfully call for help. They also act as the moderator of sorts, helping guide the other players’ hands to their playing pieces on their turns, etc. The hunted players must use their sense of touch on their turns, feeling the spaces around their player pieces and trying to find their way around the board, avoiding the hunter and finding the car. They can communicate with each other to let each other know what they can feel, where they think they are, etc. It’s an interesting game, although I played twice, both as hunter and had one game be a blowout one way and one a blowout the other way. I feel like being a hunted player would be a very different experience.

Wendake: This was my second game and this time was with four players, which made it a fair bit longer but also more interesting with more interaction. I did miss one rule but it affected everyone equally so wasn’t a huge deal. I do want to play this more.

Micropolis: Another play of this cute little tile drafting game. It’s quick, easy, fun and I like it.

Cursed Court: Another play of this betting and bluffing card game. I’m still happy to bring this one out and show it to people as it seems to be an under-appreciated lesser known game.

KeyForge: Played a quick and dirty game to explain how to play to Kris. He crushed me mercilessly!

Renee played a couple of protypes: Chai, Tiny Ninja Tactics and Concept Kids: Animals; as well as a few other games:

Chai: I was quite impressed with this game. You get tea orders and fulfill them by collecting ingredients through a neat puzzle mechanic, collect additives and finally either use your own tea leaves or pay to use another player’s tea. I thought the components showed a lot of promise. Chai will be hitting kickstarter later this year.

Image from iOS (5)

Tiny Ninja Tactics: Another promising game, which used cards that allowed you to spend energy to power up your attacks combined with a fun press your luck element when drawing cards. The custom die was used well to add some luck to the game. Having different heroes with varying abilities added some nice variety and replay-ability.

Concept Kids: Animals: Concept has long been a favourite to bring out for group gaming nights and my 12 year old niece loves playing it with her friends, so we were very excited to try out this kids version with my 6 year old nephew. It is a fantastic implementation for younger kids! Focusing on animals allows for a streamlined board and takes what I loved about Who’s Who at the Zoo – allowing kids to use and demonstrate their knowledge of animals – and turned it into a fun game to play with the whole family.

My Little Scythe: I’ve been curious about this game ever since it arrived at the store so was happy to get to try this with my 6 year old nephew. It went well and he loved the miniatures and the variety of choices he could make to earn his 4 trophies. In particular he always choose actions that provided friendship over actions that lost him friendship. It is a great game to use to introduce younger players to some common board game mechanics; not a surprise that it was one of the most checked out games in the FallCon library this year.

Lords of Waterdeep: My brother-in-law, who plays D&D with his kids, choose this game for us to play with my 12 year old niece. It was the first time playing a worker placement and mid-weight euro with her and she loved it. It was somehow my first time playing it myself and so happy I finally did; this is a fun and very well designed game. It is very likely going to become a new addition to the library.

Meeple Circus: I like playing dexterity games with kids but I’m not a huge fan myself, but wanted to check out if this would be something our family would enjoy. Not surprisingly I wasn’t a big fan, but could see the appeal for fans of dexterity games. Arranging the meeples to score the most points based on various scoring criteria gave the game some strategy and its hard to argue that the meeples are fun to play with.

Bohnanza: The Duel: My sister and I love Bohnanza so much we end up playing a lot of 2 player games which is not the best player count for this classic game. This version is a great 2 player implementation and definitely superior to the version we’ve been playing. Easy to recommend to fans of the game who want a better 2 player experience.

For those that attended this year, we hope you had a much fun as we did gathering together for a weekend of gaming. And if this is the first time you’re hearing about FallCon, take a look at their website and plan to join us next year!



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