What have the Sentry Box staff been up to – Sept 17-23

This week we have a lot of games being played by the staff, particularly from those that went to FallCon. We also have some painting and reading.

Renee and Greg played Let’s Make a Bus Route about which Renee says, “Each turn you have to mark your route based on the colour played that round. You get points in different ways based on the order you pass items (such as passengers, tourists, stations and tourist attractions), plus various ways to get bonus people points and lose points so it takes some planning. A fun little game. Hope someone makes a non-import version.”

They also played Bora Bora again. Renee noted, “I felt a lot more confident the second time and my strategy payed off – I was behind the entire game but managed to finish 3 bonus achievements which gave me the 2 point win.”

Greg also played a game of Tichu, “that we didn’t quite get to finish but was a bit of a beating anyway, with my team up 925 – 175 when we stopped.”

Gord finished their game of Space Empires with the Replicators expansion which resulted in, “a crushing defeat of the machine hordes. They are definitely a good choice for a new player since the record keeping and production is much easier.” They played again, “The replicators just flipped over a Doomsday Machine which is heading for my worlds. Time to build some battleships in battle Cruisers to try to fight it off.”

Kris played Codenames and Codenames: Pictures and determined he couldn’t decide which one he preferred. Later in the week they revisited Codenames, “as that is definitely the one my Parents prefer. Yesterday we played Boys vs Girls and the girls won through some tenuous lucky guesses in the deciding game. Tonight we played couples which went much quicker and myself and Gill won. Still a good solid party game that scales well with different numbers.” He also played both Tsuro & Tsuro of the Seas, “I am a huge fan of Tsuro and whilst Gill likes the random element introduce in Tsuro of the Sea, I still like the original the best as I think the random elimination potential is too high which can spoil the game for people, especially if you are trying to teach it and they go out early.” Lastly he played Kingdomino which he finds still as enjoyable as ever, “One quick practice game and then a proper game where Gill managed to win with over 70 points and every tile scoring, a perfect square and the castle in the middle.

Gord is still working on their Here I Stand scenario with four players about which he notes, “I think three players or even 5 or 6 would be much better as two of us are not doing that much.”

Sue has more painting to share with us, “I had wanted to paint the Wizkids pre-primed Troll for awhile. I would classify it as a good model for a beginner. It’s a simple model without too many edges. And everything is big, so it’s easy to paint. (No fine details.)”

Renee finished reading Humans, the second book in The Neanderthal Paralax, in which a portal has been opened between our universe and a parallel one where Homo sapiens died out and Neanderthals survived. “I really enjoy the Neanderthal world created by Robert J. Sawyer and how it forces us to view our own world, how we developed technology, the choices we made and how bizarre they can appear from another viewpoint.”

Greg, Kris and Renee all went to FallCon so they have an extensive list of games they’ve played. We’ll do another post later with our comments and observations, but we’ll list the games and some initial thoughts here.

Greg played Ganz Schön Clever, The Legend of the Cherry Tree that Blossoms Every Ten Years, Nyctophobia, 13 Clues, Wendake, NMBR 9, The Mind, Raiders of the North Sea, Century: Golem Edition, Micropolis, Cursed Court, KeyForge, Reef.

Kris played those as well as Rex, Joking Hazard & Codenames: Pictures. About KeyForge Kris shares, “KeyForge was good fun, and I won both my games so, it’s obviously a challenging game that requires real skill.” He also notes that Joking Hazard is “definitely my favourite of those type of party games and I really enjoy the Cyanide & Happiness comic strips.” Renee agrees.

Renee played a few prototypes: Chai, Tiny Ninja Tactics, Concept Kids: Animals. And a few new to her and newer games: Bohnanza: The DuelRaiders of the North SeaCentury: Golem EditionMeeple CircusMy Little Scythe, and Lords of Waterdeep. “We played My Little Scythe with my 6 year old nephew and we all really enjoyed it. Love the mechanics it introduces and the fact that there are 8 ways to earn your 4 trophies so it gives the player a lot of options.”

Look for an upcoming post with our thoughts about the games with played at FallCon and for pictures of the games in action.


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