What have the Sentry Box Staff been up to – July 30-Aug 5

It was another fun week at Sentry Box with the Infinity Tournament this past Saturday and the staff busy reading, playing and assembling.

Amanda had a amazing week that started with reading the first book in the three part series The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon “I’m really enjoying this adventure! The main character is a strong female character and has no romantic interest in the story so there is no lovey dovey fluff. Lots of exciting battles.” Gord notes, “This was a great series. I think it was the best stuff Elizabeth Moon ever did.” Amanda also finished reading the first book in the R.A. Salvatore Dark Elf Trilogy called Homeland. “I really enjoyed it, it was an easy read and Drizzt is a fantastic character. Can’t wait to read more.”

Amanda also got some gaming in this week:

Age of War: Fun filler dice game easy to play/teach and has a great element of luck with the dice rolling. I love the fact that you can steal territories from other players before they collect a set to score them. Was a great game with four players.

Explorers of the North Sea: Similar to Catan with the tile placement but has a fun viking theme. Everyone we introduce to this game love it and want to buy it. Plus all the animal meeples are super cute, sheeples!!!!!

Munchkin Deluxe: Now I don’t know if I’m just a dummy or what but we hardly ever have three players and Jim disapproves of this game, so the few and far times we play this game we forget the rules and start back at square one with the slightly confusing rule book. Other then that I like munchkin just never have an opportunity to play.

The Quiet Year (RPG): OMG!!! So much fun, all you need is a deck of cards some 6 sided dies and 20 tokens. What a fantastic entry level RPG. Super easy to run and even my boyfriend (jim) who doesn’t like RPGs enjoyed the story we created there was lots of mischief with a Tonald drump, asteroids, fire, cave insect happening in our quite year. Maybe inappropriate content but you could make this RPG what ever you want. It takes 3-4 hours and was a great introduction for me to lead a group. Would suggest this to anyone wanting to get into RPGs


She finished off her week assembling this boat from the folks at Galaxy Gaming Gear. They are a local company that makes wood miniatures and terrain that have become quite popular at Sentry Box. Next step, get this beauty painted.

On Monday Renee hosted the Cursed Court event where we had 6 players play a friendly game instead of the planned tournament. Despite the fact that there were no prizes on the line, the game was quite competitive and well fought. Thanks to everyone for playing! Greg, who notoriously is horrible at this game, may or may not have played and may or may not have won. We don’t talk about it.

Greg’s observations of the game, “A game of betting and bluffing where you share partial information with your neighbours and get additional information in each season of the year. Trying to secure the prime scoring spots can be tricky when you have limited chips to bet each round and you need to at least double another player’s bet to oust them from a spot. This game is one that had flown under my radar until I saw it being demoed and has been an enjoyable option for up to six players in around 60-90 mins.”  It was Renee’s first time playing the game and despite the fact that she may or may not have came in last place, she really enjoyed the social mechanic of trying not to reveal too much information, bluffing to throw people off the scent and the fun of knocking opponents off the board with a larger bet. Enough strategy to keep it interesting while providing a fun social game.

Gord got in another game of Illusions of Glory, “An exciting back and forth night with wild swings of luck both ways making a big difference.”

Roshni got in some plays of OrganATTACK!, “I would classify this as a beet[sic] and pretzels game. It’s very light and doesn’t offer a lot of strategy beyond ‘which organ can I attack’ but it might be a good starter for a game night.” As an aside, Roshni says, “It beets me why everyone was making fun of my choice of game snacks. Beets are yummy.”

On Friday on our livestream, we played The Tea Dragon Society Card Game and The Legend of the Cherry Tree that Blossoms every Ten Years. Greg:  “Aside from being a contender for longest game name ever this is a great little push your luck set collection game. The component quality is fantastic and it plays quickly but offers something to think about for a game with a cutesy theme.” Renee also really enjoyed this game, “Easy to learn and beautiful, this is a great game to bring to the table when playing with non-gamers, but has enough strategy that I really enjoyed it and would definitely play again.”

Greg has commented on The Tea Dragon Society Card Game previously, but it was Renee’s first play, “This is a fun deck builder. It allowed for the creation of combos that when they hit, were fun to watch even when it was another player. The art is great and I enjoyed that it has some nuances that made it unique from most standard deck builders. Another beautiful game and the theme is woven in very well.”

Greg got in some Tichu this week: “An old favourite that I’m always happy to play. One of my few 10/10 rated games. Awesome partnership trick-taking game with a lot of intricacies and nuances to it.”

Kris also had a busy week, playing a lot of regular card games, primarily Hearts, or as his Grandad likes to call it No Hearts. “Not sure if that is because it more appropriately describes the objective of the game or because he play’s it like he does not have a heart, seriously he is ruthless!”  He played Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay where the intrepid heroes managed to resist temptation and destroy a powerful Chaos Artifact (even if one of the party now has access to a tome written by Manfred Von Carstein and can “suddenly” see the Winds of Magic).

Image from iOS

On Saturday Kris ran the Infinity tournament which is the largest we have hosted so far with 18 players (including himself as the ringer). We had new players who traveled up from Lethbridge as well as some of the Top Players in Canada (Infinity has a competitive ranking system that works in the same way as tennis) so it was a real mixed bag of players but everyone had a good time! “I played one game with my Blizzard Force-6 PanO army and managed to get my first ever win with the list, although I still lost my Jotum (my big centrepiece model) which I really need to play defensively with at times!” Thanks to everyone who came out for the tournament!

Renee got Kingsburg to the table, “Played over 5 years, each productive season (spring, summer, fall) players use dice placement to influence advisors for resources which are then used to build buildings that provide special abilities, extra strength in battle and victory points. At the end of each year during winter, each player must defeat an invading army or risk losing resources, points or buildings. I love dice placement games and this one has a simple and elegant flow. We played the base game, but are looking forward to trying it again with the To Forge A Realm expansion.”

That’s it for this week. We’re all dying to see how the boat turns out after Amanda has finished painting it. Stay tuned!



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