Gaming Industry News – July 20th

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Renegade Game Studios™ is excited to announce a new word- and sword-slinging game — Spell Smashers! This title is designed by Christopher Chung, designer of award-winning Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. It also boasts a notable artist, The Mico, renown for his work on the North Sea Trilogy. The two combined create a product bursting with dynamic visuals and engaging gameplay.
In Spell Smashers, you combine your letter cards to spell words, smashing fearsome monsters and their even more fearsome adjectives!

When you deal damage to a monster, you gain precious coins. When you defeat a monster, you collect that monster as a trophy … and gain a new letter to use later on! But beware — as you battle these dangerous creatures, you receive wounds, which are difficult letter combinations that could ruin your day.

Between battles, visit the local town and spend your hard-earned loot to outfit yourself with powerful gear, take on new quests, buy devious potions, or grab an ale at the tavern as you boast about your battle scars. Set your sights on fame and glory as you smash monsters with your spelling skills and rid the world of evil!

You can find this title on game shelves beginning in October 2018.

North Star Games presents Most Wanted, a light strategy game with a heavy dose of silliness, where players compete to become the most wanted outlaw of the west. The rules are easy. All you need is a hankering to take risks, the guts to double-cross, and the desire to bluff a man out of his saddle.
Designed by Ken Gruhl and Quentin Weir (Happy Salmon), and former pro Magic player Dominic Crapuchettes (Evolution: CLIMATE), Most Wanted blends the strategic risk-taking of a wild-west poker game with the thrill of being a notorious outlaw. Playing the best hand – or bluffing with the worst hand – could mean the difference between a successful train robbery or spending time in the slammer. Players can repent at church to make a new start and even work some honest labor (gasp!) for bail money. Be the first player to reach 13 unlucky points and claim the dubious honor of being MOST WANTED!

Expected to be on the shelves in October.

Trade on the Tigris is a brand new game from designers Ryan Sturm and Geoff Engelstein. In it, the players will develop cities, trade with one another, and watch as the interactions you have will cause the sharing of philosophies between cultures. The very core belief of your city may change because of this so you will need to adapt and grow to score the most points to win the game.

Trade on the Tigris will have a greater release later in 2018, but TMG has air shipped in a small number of copies to be sold exclusively at the convention, and we are excited to show off this awesome game at one of the biggest conventions in the world!

It is no secret that TMG has a bit of a love affair with all things Hisashi Hayashi, so when we had the chance to bring Jungli-La to a wider audience we jumped at the chance. This fun and challenging game of cards and dice will turn the players into brave explorers, searching the vast jungle for the lost village of gold. There are many obstacles in your path, and blindly rushing forward will prove fatal, so careful planning and strategic use of your resources will be needed to achieve the title of the most famous explorer of all!

Like Trade on the Tigris, Jungli-La will see a wider release later in 2018, but we have had a small number of copies come to Gen Con so we can release it there!

Academy Games updated the rulebook for 1775: Rebellion which is available for free download here: 1775 Rulebook Download. The rules have not changed but the new rulebook has a completely new layout with a 2-page setup spread for easier learning and faster startup. Plus it has new designer notes, examples, clarifications, and corrections. If you check it out, make sure you let them know what you think about the new format!

TM Prelude

As the mega-corporations are getting ready to start the terraforming process, you now have the chance to make those early choices that will come to define your corporation and set the course for the future history of Mars – this is the prelude to your greatest endeavors!

In Terraforming Mars: Prelude, you get to choose from Prelude cards that jumpstart the terraforming process, or boost your corporation engine. There are also 5 new corporations, and 7 project cards that thematically fit the early stages of terraforming.

Terraforming Mars: Prelude is the third expansion to the smash-hit game, Terraforming Mars, and can be combined with any other expansion or variant.

Which of the new games has you the most excited, let us know on our facebook page!

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