Fantastic Games for Travelling

It’s summertime and for many of us that means vacations. Whether you’re looking to play games around the campfire, while waiting for a connection at the airport, or with friends or family at your destination, we here at Sentry Box have you covered.

Card games make great travelling games.  They are small, light and better yet, can be bundled together when packing. You can often fit many card games together in one box if you take out the inserts. Sometimes a game that looks big, packs much smaller. For example, the Dominion deck building series has fantastic inserts to help you organize your cards.  But take the cards out, sort them in a couple plastic lunch baggies, and you’ll find the base game and your favourite expansions can come with you in a much smaller box.  (Note: All games have been linked to their entry on so you can read more about them.)

While not an exhaustive list by any means, here are some popular card games that are about the size of a deck of cards:

Tichu:  4 player trick taking game

Sushi Go: a 2-5 player drafting and set collection game.

Love Letter series: a 2-4 player deduction game

Hanabi: a 2-5 player cooperative game

Bohnanza: a 2-7 player trading and set collection game.

Port Royal: a 2-5 player press your luck drafting game

Coloretto: a 2-5 player drafting set collection game

Guillotine: a 2-5 player take that hand management game

Fluxx series: a wacky, rules changing set collection game

OrganATTACK: a 2-5 player take that game


As mentioned above, deck building games like Dominion generally pack smaller than their boxes. Other games that are just a set of cards include the Munchkin series and the Boss Monster games.  Some non-card games are also small.  For example, the Tiny Epic series of games feel bigger than their box; these games are cleverly designed to be small but as their name suggests, are epic in gameplay.  Some popular games have had card versions created which have the original theme and similar mechanics but are much smaller in size. For example San Juan is a card game implementation of Puerto Rico and the Castles of Burgundy game has a card game implementation. For Sale & High Society are both now available in travel versions the size of a deck of cards. Citadels and Innovation are a couple more popular small box games.


Looking for 2 player games? The following are all fantastic and small:

Star Realms: a deck builder

Hero Realms: a deck builder

Jaipur: a set collection game with cards and a few tokens

Morels: a drafting set collection card game


Playing with a larger group? Try:

Codenames series: a 2-8 player word association game.

Anomia: a 3-6 player light trivia word game

Get The MacGuffin: a 2-11 player deduction game

6 nimmt: a 2-10 player hand management game

Happy Salmon: a 3-6 player silly action matching game

Once Upon a Time: a 2-6 player story telling game

Like role deduction bluffing games with a group?  The Coup series plays 2-6 and The Resistance series plays 5-10. Ultimate Werewolf: Deluxe Edition plays 5-75 and the One Night Ultimate series plays 3-10.


What about when you hit the beach or go poolside?  No need to leave the games safely inside when they are both waterproof and windproof! Gloom, a 2-4 player storytelling game is made with plastic cards. Dice Games such as Zombie Dice, Perudo, and Rorys Story Cubes, are small as well as waterproof. And tile games with plastic components are perfect when you’re near water:

Hive: a 2 player chess-like abstract game

Ingenious: a 1-4 player abstract game

Rummikub: a 2-4 player tile game

Blokus: a 2-4 player abstract game

Bananagrams: a frantic 2-4 player word game

Pickomino: a press your luck 2-6 player dice rolling tile collection game

Hanabi Deluxe: a tile version of the popular 2-5 player coop game.


And if you have small children, we have some great options for your preschoolers with junior versions of popular games:

Spot It JR: for ages 3 and up.

Anomia Kids: for ages 5 and up.

My First Bohnanza: for ages 4 and up.

My First Stone Age: The Card Game for ages 4 and up.

Five Crowns Junior: for ages 5 and up.


Whether you travel far, stay close to home or hit the local pool, we hope you take your love of games with you and share it with those you meet.  Come by Sentry Box and pick up some games before your next trip!

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