L5R Stronghold Season One Grand Finale


Come down to The Sentry Box on Saturday July 7th at 1:00pm for the finale to The Stronghold Season 1. Entry to the event is $10 and Restricted List are in effect.

Prizes include:
• Champions Playmat
• Acrylic Honor Dial
• Full art promo Shameful Display
• Wooden First Player ( Top of Clan)
• other miscellaneous items left from kit

Star Wars Armada Store Championship

Star Wars Armada

Come down to The Sentry Box on Sunday July 29th and take part in the 2018 Star Wars Armada Store Championship. Entry to the event is $10 payable at the store prior to or on the day of the event. We will be using 400 point fleets and each round will be two hours and 15 minutes in length. There are three round and we will be using the standard Tournament Regulations and current FAQ.

Please bring any mats you own to help with the event.

Armada Store Champ Kit

Each year, the Star Wars: Armada Store Championships take your in-store battles and amplify them. While you’ll face the same strategic and tactical challenges you enjoy in your seasonal play, the Store Championships set these challenges against a bid for gamer glory—your chance to claim local bragging rights.

Obliterate your friends’ fleets. Outmaneuver your local Star Wars: Armada community. Seize your objectives. And you might emerge victorious as Store Champion—the year’s top player at your favourite local game store.

You’ll also win prizes. The Store Championships match the heightened competition with an arsenal of prizes that easily outguns those that come with the Fleet Patrol tournaments supported by the game’s seasonal kits.

Star Wars X-Wing Store Championship

Star Wars X wing logo

On Saturday August 18th, starting at 10:00 am, The Sentry Box will be hosting their Star Wars X-Wing Store Championship. Pre-registration for this event is open by calling 403-245-2121 or emailing ops@sentrybox.com with a credit card number or Paypal payment for the $10 entry fee, or by coming in store.

Payers need to be at the store for 10am, with the pairings being announced at 10:30am and the first round getting underway at 10:45am.

Rounds will be 75 minutes, with the number of rounds and cut to be determined once we know the number of players.

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