Soul Wars pre-orders

AoS Soul Wars Preorder

Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars is coming and The Sentry Box is now taking preorders for the boxed set, General’s handbook, Malign Sorcery boxed set and all the other items that will be released for the new version of Age of Sigmar on June 30th.
Come down to the store, or call and put in your pre-order now with no cash down. Earn double Vicinity points on all pre-orders. Don’t have a Vicinity account? Then set one up for free when you place your pre-order.

Earn 38 Vicinity points for just the Soul Wars boxed set. Pre-order just the rules and get 14 points. If you order the boxed set, Handbook and Malign Sorcery expansion you’ll spend over $300 which nets you even more points. You will get three times the normal points which will net you 96 Vicinity points which is almost enough for two $25 Gift Cards!
Pricing is:
Soul Wars $190.00
Age Of Sigmar HC Rulebook $70.00
General’s Handbook 2018 $40.00
Malign Sorcery $90.00
Objective Markers $40.00
Combat Guage $20.00
Wound Counters $16.00
Command & Status Dice $25.00
Scenery Dice $25.00

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