What have we been playing at the Sentry Box? May 7th – 13th

It has been a some what slower week for games this week for the staff with a fairly poor showing this week as aside from the regular RPGs from Gord playing 5th Edition D&D and Kris running his Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay session not a lot else was played…

Lucky Kris came to the rescue with a fairly busy week. (it is suspicious that his wife has gone to the UK and he suddenly has lots of time for games…)

Image result for batman arkham asylum bookHe read Batman: Arkham Asylum – A Serious House on Serious Earth.  In this groundbreaking, painted graphic novel, the inmates of Arkham Asylum have taken over Gotham’s detention center for the criminally insane on April Fools Day, demanding Batman in exchange for their hostages. Accepting their demented challenge, Batman is forced to live and endure the personal hells of the Joker, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Two-Face and many other sworn enemies in order to save the innocents and retake the prison. During his run through this absurd gauntlet, the Dark Knight’s own sanity is placed in jeopardy. This special anniversary edition trade paperback also reproduces the original script with annotations by Morrison and editor Karen Berger.

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