Beyond the gates of Antares slow grow league

Gates of Antares

Zac and some of the other miniature gaming lunatics are thinking of starting up a Beyond the Gates of Antares slow grow league.

Anyone interested? We’ll be taking orders for starter sets and other add-ons in the next week if anyone wants to get in on the fun.



Tanks OP: Line in the Sand Month 1

Tanks logo
The Sentry Box will be hosting Month 1 of the Tanks Line in the Sand OP series on Monday May 28th starting at 6:30
The scenario for the first month is called Uncertain Ground and is a King of the Hill variant that uses a soft sand terrain piece.
Entry to the event is free and any Tanks purchases you make during the evening will be 10% off.
If you don’t own any Tanks vehicles but are interested in the game then come down and we can give you a demo of the game.