What have we been playing at the Sentry Box? April 30th – May 6th?

We have had an interesting week of gaming here at the Sentry Box (and a little bit further a field)

In spite of being off on parental leave Greg managed to keep us up to date on his gaming, managing to get in games of both First Martians, a co-op game using the same basic engine as Robinson Crusoe (but obviously set on Mars) that has both campaign play and individual scenarios available.

In addition to First Martians Greg managed to play The Grim Forest, a game where you play as relatives of the Three Little Pigs and try to build housed out of Straw, Woof or Brick. The game has a cute theme with various fairy tale friends helping out but is actually quite evil at times.  With its awesome miniatures and excellent production value it is defiantly one that Greg recommends.

Chris Shepard managed to start playing Gloomhaven, a gigantic legacy style game with card based tactical miniatures combat.

It feels a lot like playing a D&D Campaign in a box, whilst the first epic quest is punching out the mass of components (make sure you get more plastic baggies!) it is a hugely popular game that we struggled to keep in stock, although we are expecting the next wave of product later on this month so make sure you put your order in early!

Image result for gloomhaven

Renee recovered from her busy day running events at International Table Top Day for us by playing some more games!
She played Patchwork, an absolutely fantastic two player game by Uwe Rosenberg. (One of Greg’s favorites) It has a short play time and is easy to teach but is filled with enough strategy the she still enjoys it after literally hundreds of plays!
Renee also got Circus Flohcati on the table, it is a great filler game by Reiner Knizia with a fantastic press your luck element.

Image result for circus flohcati

Gord of course has been playing one of his favorite games, Napoleonic Wars again, this time with advice for whoever ends up playing as the Prussians in a 5 player game. Its one of the best card driven wargames I have played but playing as Prussia can leave you with not much to do for the first couple of turns!

Finally Kris was away covering the Fantasy Flight Games world Championships in Roseville, Minnesota this week and whilst he was busy he did manage to fit a Star Wars Destiny deck in his hand luggage!
Destiny is a fast paced Collectible Card Game with a built in dice mechanic, finding the balance between what 30 point combination of characters you choose, the cards you put in your deck and then how you activate and what actions you do gives a lot of decision points for what initially feels like a push your luck dice roll game.

If you have any questions on the games the staff have been playing please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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