Game Industry News for November 17th

Here are this week’s news stories and announcements.

New Kickstarters

  • Evil High Priest from Petersen Games

You are an ambitious priest in a sinister cult, but your Great Old One lies dormant. He depends on you to free him.  Break out your insane henchmen from the asylums, gather spellbooks and other resources, summon fiendish monsters, conduct dark rituals and protect yourself against the forces of normal society. If you succeed you will be rewarded with the title of High Priest.

  • Ogre Miniatures Set 2 from Steve Jackson Games

Plastic Ogre miniatures for use with the Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Designer’s Edition games.

  • Mars Open: Tabletop Golf from Bellweather Games

Flick for a hole-in-one in this 3D golf game for your table! Includes 27+ crazy holes for 1-4 players to conquer!


New Stuff

  • Coming Soon: King Kong Monster Pack for King Of Tokyo and King of New York

The King Kong Monster Pack adds new elements to the game: Tokyo Tower for King of Tokyo and the Empire State Building for King of New York!

King of Tokyo king kong 3d box

  • Coming Soon: Decrypto from Iello Games

Players compete in two teams, with each trying to correctly interpret the coded messages presented to them by their teammates while cracking the codes they intercept from the opposing team.

  • Coming Soon: Fairy Tile from Iello Games

Welcome to Fairy tile, a Kingdom of magical lands where a daring Princess, a devoted Knight, and a dreadful Dragon roam looking for adventure. They need your help to discover the Kingdom! Help them move further and further to fulfill their destiny and tell their story, page after page


Other News

  • WizKids Expands Licensing Partnership with Wizards of the Coast

WizKids revealed plans for an upcoming miniatures line and board game featuring the world-renowned trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. The new IP extends WizKids’ existing licensing partnership with leading game creators Wizards of the Coast, which already includes the famed Dungeons & Dragons.


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