Game Industry News for August 18th

Here are some announcements and news stories from this week.

New Stuff!

  • Preview of HeroClix: Undead Pack

WizKids brings a classic horror tale to life with this pair of figures – Dr Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster

  • Preview of New Figures for new Pathfinder Battles Set

Here’s a preview of six new sculpts from November’s Pathfinder Battles: Maze of Death set.

  • Coming Soon: Four Faction Paint Sets Customized for Runewars Miniatures Game from The Army Painter

The Army Painter has assembled a series of customized paint sets to bring the action of Runewars Miniatures Game to life. These faction-specific sets contain a painting guide, hobby brush, and ten high-quality acrylic Warpaints.

  • Coming Soon: Clank! In! Space! from Renegade Game Studios

The evil Lord Eradikus has all but conquered the galaxy, and is now on a victory lap across the sector in his flagship, Eradikus Prime. You and your fellow thieves have challenged each other to sneak aboard his ship, hack your way into its command module, and steal from him. But one false step and—Clank!

  • Coming Soon: Necromunda from Games Workshop

Necromunda is back!  This game dives into the underworld of the Imperium, allowing players to control their own Hive Gang – a pack of ruthless criminal killers augmented with black-market cybernetics, gene modifications and scavenged weaponry

  • Coming Soon: Daemon Trilogy: Subrosa from IDW Games

The first in a trilogy of games, Daemon Trilogy: Subrosa is a drafting card game of ambition and deception.

  • Coming Soon: Doctor Lucky’s Mansion That is Haunted from Cheapass Games

Doctor J. Robert Lucky wishes to sell his haunted house to a pair of unsuspecting newlyweds from across town… but the ghosts of Lucky Mansion have a different plan.

  •  Coming Soon: DC Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box from Cryptozoic Entertainment

Inside the DC Comics Deck-Building Game Multiverse Box, you can store all of the currently available cards with plenty of room for expansions to come, including the Multiverse Crossover Pack based on the Convergence storyline that is available exclusively in this box!

  • Coming Soon: Stuffed Fables from Plaid Hat Games

Stuffed Fables is a StoryBoard Game – an exciting new product line from Plaid Hat Games. In a StoryBoard Game all of the action takes place in the unique storybook – a book that acts as your rules reference, story guide, and game board, all in one!

  •  Coming Soon: Twilight Imperium 4th Edition from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games announce the next step in the game’s tremendous legacy: Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition, a game of galactic conquest in which three to six players take on the role of one of seventeen factions vying for galactic domination through military might, political maneuvering, and economic bargaining.

  • Coming Soon: Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn! from Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games announce Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn! Rewrite history, forge your destiny, and take your place among the most influential icons to ever walk to the earth as the founder of a new age.

  • Coming Soon: Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition from Fantasy Flight Games

The Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game 30th Anniversary Edition faithfully recreates Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game and The Star Wars Sourcebook as high-quality, hardbound tomes that feature all the original game rules, information, and graphic design.

  • Coming Soon: Isle of Skye: Journeyman from Mayfair Games

Isle of Skye: Journeyman, is the first big expansion to Isle of Skye and contains new personal player boards indicating your progress in terms of strength, prosperity and popularity.


Other News

  • Stronghold Games and 2F-Spiele Announce 6 New Co-published Titles

The Fast Forward™ Series of games uses the new Fable Game™ system first introduced in Fabled Fruit. Each game in this series contains a pre-sorted deck of cards only and no rulebook. You discover all the rules and the cards as you play.

  • Daemons and Thousand Sons in Index: Chaos Update

With each codex helping expand and balance the game, there are some changes to Daemons and clarification on how the new Dark Hereticus discipline works for your armies.

  • Green Ronin to Publish The Expanse RPG 

Green Ronin Publishing announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with James S.A. Corey to adapt The Expanse series of novels as a tabletop roleplaying game.

  • Catalyst Games Lab to Release Master Of Orion Tabletop Games

Catalyst Game Labs has inked a deal to publish a stellar series of games based in the storied Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars universe. First to arrive will be the galaxy crushing dueling deckbuilder: Master of Orion: Conquest.


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