Game Industry News for August 4th

Here are some announcements and news stories from the past week.

New Crowdfunding Projects

  • Live Now: Total Recall from Overworld Games

Total Recall is a game for 4-8 players based on the classic 1990 film.  Find your true allies in this social game of strategy and deduction.  Identify and take out the opposing leader to secure control of Mars for your faction!

  • Live Now: Flash Point: Tragic Events from Indie Board & Cards

Flash Point: Tragic Events is an expansion for Flash Point: Fire Rescue, a cooperative game for 2-6 players that plays in 45 minutes.  Tragic Events includes the Fire & Event decks that are designed to replace the Hot Spot mechanic in the Experienced game rules and add exciting new “events” to make each game of Flash Point even more unique.

  • Live Now: Heroes Wanted: Elements of Danger from Indie Board & Cards

Not only does this expansion for Heroes Wanted add a brand new hero type to your already near-infinite game play options, it also provides even more content for the other hero types in the game. Players will now have bonus cards unique to their hero, as well as never-before-seen epic actions! And the fun doesn’t stop there! Elements of Danger also introduces improved basic actions to make your hero even more unique!

New Stuff!

  • Preview The Orient Expansion from Cities of Splendor

The Orient is just one of the four expansions included in Cities of Splendor, the first ever expansion for Splendor, and like the other three expansions in the box, it offers an elegant variant to the original game, bringing new challenges and new ways to test your mind against the game’s puzzle and your rival players.


  • Coming Soon: Three New Card Games from Alderac Entertainment Group

This autumn, Alderac Entertainment Group will release a trio of new card games:  The Master’s Trials:  Wrath of Magmaroth – a cooperative game in which the players act as elemental masters who have emerged from their sanctuaries to confront the unspeakable evil of Magmaroth; Sakura Arms – a two-player fighting game where players channel fighting spirits called “megami” through the flowers of the Sakura tree; and Junta:  Las Cartas – a card game version of the classic game of politics and intrigue.

  • Coming Soon: Borg Assimilation expansion for Star Trek Ascendency from Gale Force Nine

The Borg Assimilation expansion adds an all-new threat the game. The Borg are an independent menace, attacking players’ ships and assimilating civilized worlds; and if they are not dealt with, they could overwhelm the Galaxy.

  • Coming Soon: Wartime from WizKids

Valyance and Firebrand have gone to war! Units clash in the skirmishes, but the fight is gritty: you have little time to think and plan as sand timers dictate the activation of your units.

  • Coming Soon: Approaching Dawn: The Witching Hour from WizKids

A cooperative card game where each Scene (mission) determines the goal of the game. If the Scenes are played in order they form a story arc. However, you can play any Scene in any order.

  • Coming Soon: Photosynthesis from Blue Orange Games

Plant and shape the ever-changing forest as you cultivate your seeds and your strategy. Take your trees through their life-cycle, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving sun’s rays.

Other News

  • Z-Man Games announce Reiner Knizia’s Through the Desert will be joining the Euro Classics line of games!

Fans of Through the Desert got their first taste of the game when it was originally released to critical acclaim in 1998. Now, Dr. Knizia’s beloved classic sports an updated look that will appeal to longtime fans and new players alike when it is released later this year.

  • Summer Errata released for Malifaux

In this errata The Mechanical Rider, Wind Gamin, Practiced Production  and Stuffed Piglets have been adjusted.



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