Game Industry News for June 26th

A look at what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks.

New Crowdfunding Projects

  • Live Now: Fantastiqa Rival Realms from Eagle Gryphon Games

In this two-player game you are a pair of rival magicians transported to the mystical realm of Fantastiqa where you will summon fabled beasts and fantastiqal quests with your shared pack of magic cards.

  • Live Now: Clink RPG from Sigil Stone Publishing

Clink is a tabletop RPG about drifters, the creeds that bring them together, and the history that drives them apart. Tell a story inspired by spaghetti westerns, ronin tales, and shows like Firefly or Supernatural

New Products, expansions, etc.

  • Preview of The Other Side from Wyrd Games

Take a look at Stormsiren, the first preview of one of the models for the new game The other Side.

  • Preview the enemies in Bastion from Z-Man Games

In Bastion, the dark forces arrayed against you are more than run-of-the-mill orcs and goblins. Instead, you face an army of different creatures, from nimble scouts to stealthy spies. Each enemy makes its own unique contribution to the siege effort and presents its own challenge to the heroes who defend the fortress.

  • Preview of The Black Serpent Adventure Pack for The Lord of the Rings Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games

This pack provides your heroes another chance to continue their journey through the Haradrim cycle of Adventure Packs for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game.

  • Preview of the House of Thorns – the deluxe expansion for The Game of Thrones Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games

House Tyrell surges into the light with their deluxe expansion, House of Thorns! Within this box, you’ll find a wealth of new cards, bringing powerful new options to support and diversify House Tyrell’s most important themes, such as increasing the STR of their characters, removing characters from challenges, and winning challenges with the Knights and Ladies of Westeros.

  • Preview of Hunt for the Ring from Ares Games

Hunt for the Ring recreates the initial chapters of “The Lord of the Rings”. One player must bring Frodo Baggins — the Ringbearer — and his hobbit friends from their home in the Shire to the sanctuary of Rivendell, where the fate of the One Ring will be decided.

  • Preview of the new Grymkin faction for Hordes

If you’re a fan of the way the Grymkin are looking Privateer Press have a vast array of releases coming for this new faction in the world of Hordes.

  • Preview the new guild for Guild Ball from Steamforged Games

The Farmer’s Guild has an entirely new play style that coaches will want to experience featuring the unique reaping and sowing mechanics – ‘plant’ harvest Markers throughout the turn to ‘reap’ later on for huge in-game benefits.  In a world of bad guys, Farmers are the good guys that win through hard work and elbow grease.

  • Coming Soon: Planet Defenders from Renegade Game Studios

In the far future, humans have colonized hundreds of worlds throughout the galaxy. Robots have been in use for centuries and millions have been discarded over the years. Discarded robots litter the galaxy and have become a problem for mankind. Luckily the  Planet Defenders protect us and gather up these old robots before they become a real danger to our planets throughout the galaxy!

  • Coming Soon: Company of Iron from Privateer Press

Company of Iron is a squad-based skirmish game that reinvents WARMACHINE and HORDES battles as smaller confrontations between fewer warriors and their character leaders. Average games are played with 10–15 miniatures, and Company of Iron is compatible with the majority of the existing miniatures in the WARMACHINE and HORDES product lines.

  • Coming Soon: Junggle from Z-Man Games

An exciting series of five unique games that can accommodate groups of almost any size, making it equally suitable for couples, families, or entertainment for an entire party. What’s more, with quick playtimes ranging from ten to fifteen minutes, Junggle offers you the flexibility to play several games in a row or get a quick game in at lunch.

  • Coming Soon: Smile from Z-Man Games

Dusk is falling and your critters have escaped their enclosure! In this card game for three to five players you only have a few hours to rescue as many as you can before they cause all sorts of mischief. Fortunately, critters will do anything for a big juicy lightning bug. It’s time to fill your jars with fireflies and head into the forest to round up the critters worth the most points!

  • Coming Soon: Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 from Z-Man Games

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 continues the epic struggle for the fate of humanity. It is seventy-one years after the events of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, and the world has been brought to its knees. A network of the last known cities persists, supplied by the “havens,” isolated stations floating in the ocean far from the plague.  The havens are the only home that you’ve ever known, but there is a larger world out there, and it needs your help.

  • Coming Soon: Wars to Come – new expansion for The Iron Throne Boardgame from Fantasy Flight Games

Not only does The Wars to Come introduce House Greyjoy and House Martell, it also offers you the chance to populate your games with twenty-five of the most iconic and notorious allies in Essos and the Seven Kingdoms.

  • Coming Soon: Attack on Titan: The Last Stand from Cryptozoic Entertainment

It’s all come down to this. Titans have broken through Wall Maria and are heading for the supply depot in Trost. If the depot falls, all the resources needed to continue fighting off these monstrous aberrations will be destroyed and all hope for the last remnants of mankind will be lost. It’s up to you and your team to fend off and fell the Titans before they can succeed! Are you ready for the last stand?  Play as your favorite Attack on Titan character… or as the Titan!

  • Coming Soon: The Fox in the Forest from Renegade Game Studios

This two-player trick-taking game is co-published with Foxtrot Games (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, World’s Fair 1893) and is filled with charming art by Jennifer L. Meyer. Players will need to carefully choose their cards in this dynamic game with non-linear scoring.

  • Coming Soon: New Dungeons & Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation Product Line from WizKids

Product offerings include the Tomb of Annihilation Adventure System Board Game, D&D Icons of the Realms: Tomb of Annihilation miniatures, and Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Tomb of Annihilation.







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