Star Trek Attack Wing – Battle of Wolf 359

Battle of Wolf 359 by jafar13

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Star Trek Attack Wing event – the Battle of Wolf 359. Bring down a 120pt Star Trek Attack Wing fleet and be prepared to take down the new Borg Attack Cube. All fleets must be tournament legal. This is a free event.

We will have two Borg Cubes available and so will be able to accommodate up to ten players.

An update: We are playing First Contact scenario

  • 120pt fleets standard build rules
  • No resources
  • No fighters
  • 2 ship min per fleet

Also upgrades that bypass shields or do crit damage are useless
The Borg ship has no upgrades in the scenario ( no captain, admiral etc. ) and can not be dealt crit damage or have its shields bypassed in any way.


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