Warmachine and Hordes Journeyman League

Journeyman League

A new version of the Warmachine and Hordes rules will be released on June 28th and The Sentry Box will be running a Journeyman League starting on Saturday July 2nd. This league will be for new or returning players and will aim to be a fun and casual way for players to learn the rules, paint some miniatures and have fun exploring the new Warmachine and Hordes rules.

A Journeyman League is a six week event that helps players learn the ins and outs of their specific faction by playing a series of game with the points increasing each week. The focus is on painting, playing and having fun. With the new release of the rules, Privateer Press has streamlined the Journeyman League rules to make them easier to understand.

So come out and learn to play Warmachine and Hordes or come back to the game and try a new faction. The Sentry Box is taking preorders for the new faction starter sets, tokens and rulebooks.


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