New arrivals for Friday March 18th, 2016

Once you get used to working here at The Sentry Box (motto – Suggest a good motto and win a free backrub!) you get accustomed to the pace of releases and the arrival of new products. But even as jaded as I have become, and it is quite sad really, I was surprised that we already received the first expansion for the B-Sieged game. Despite reeling from that surprise arrival, I was able to chronicle the other fine, fine products that we received at the store today.

Force and Destiny : Nexus of Power by Fantasy Flight Games

Nexus of Power, a forthcoming sourcebook for Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™, enables players to visit these iconic places and many more. Its 144 stunningly illustrated pages provide lavish details on places strong with the Force, such as Dagobah’s tree cave and worlds with rich Force traditions, such as Bardotta. Eight modular encounters provide Game Masters ready-made gateways into these locations that can be used as single-session adventures or launching points for entire campaigns. Players will find new playable species, vehicles, and gear, as well as plentiful resources for crafting Force sensitive characters with rich backgrounds and distinctive personalities.

Pixel Tactics Deluxe by Level 99 Games

Pixel Tactics Deluxe is the ultimate collector’s box for all current and future Pixel Tactics games!

Pixel Tactics Deluxe focuses on the application of Status Effects, both offensively and defensively. Lockdown the opposition with Attack Strength debuffs, Bolster your Unit with bonus Health, and maintain control of the battlefield.

Pixel Tactics Deluxe can be played alone, or combined any other Pixel Tactics games to enable new game modes!

  • 25 Unique Heroes that can be promoted to Lead your Unit!
  • Each Hero can be used in one of five different ways!
  • Strategies and Heroes for every play-style! Crush your opponents with sheer Force, defeat them with Subtlety, or overwhelm them with Effects!
  • Fully Compatible with All other Pixel Tactics products!

Happy Pigs by iello

In Happy Pigs, you are pig farmers working on your small family farm. Your goal is to make your livestock prosper and become the richest farmer of the year.

To do this, buy pigs and take care of them. Feed them, help them grow, and birth new piglets on your farm! Pay attention to the changing of the season to keep your pigs healthy and alive throughout the year!

Dragon Tides by Artistic Justice Games

Play as one of the 4 heroes as they delve deep into the thick of the Tiger Organization and their plot to cripple the world. Depending on your in-game choices as well as your victories, you may gain the necessary tools or skills you need to go head to head in the final showdown, or strengthen the Tiger Organization for your devastating defeat.

In Dragon Tides, you can play Solo, Co-Op, or Competitively where you (and maybe some friends) will go up against a player controlling the Tiger Organization.

Shadows of Brimstone – Swamp Slugs of Jargono by Flying Frog Productions

The vicious Swamp Slugs that lurk in Jargono are terrifying to behold! These massive molluscs can grow to enormous size with an underbelly lined with razor-sharp mandibles and a maw filled with tiny grinding teeth to devour their prey! Acidic mucus oozes from their gnarled skin to help ward off enemies and to aid in digestion once they have caught a meal.

This Enemy Pack contains everything you need to add the Swamp Slugs to your games of Shadows of Brimstone. There are 3 large Swamp Slug models included, as well as the large Enemy Record Sheet and all of the Threat Cards needed to add them to your games.

Hoax by Fantasy Flight Games

Hector Vargas built a glorious multibillion dollar empire on a string of shady business promotions and Ponzi schemes. His life ended rather ingloriously, however, when a champagne cork shot into his windpipe and he choked before anyone could provide aid. Now, you have a chance to inherit his unbelievably large fortune. All you have to do is prove yourself worthy by showing that you are as clever, ruthless, and deceitful as he was.

In Hoax, three to six players each take on the secret identity of a member of Vargas’ family or household. No matter what your identity, your goal is to eliminate all your competitors by catching them in a lie – but making a false accusation will take you out of the game. If you want to make informed accusations, you’ll have to amass resources and spend them to investigate other players. To win, you’ll have to both avoid accusations and judiciously make them, all the while making your opponents believe that all your lies are true.

The Emma Expansion by Erika Svanoe

The Emma Expansion includes 6 new Heroines, 5 new suitors, and 60 new Event cards inspired by Jane Austen’s “Emma.” Just replace your Marrying Mr. Darcy Heroine, Suitor, and Event cards with the new Emma Expansion and you are all set to play! You’ll enjoy new Emma appropriate activities such as Blunders, Interference, Gossip, and Revelations. Additionally, each new playable Heroine features a new “lady power” for variation in gameplay every time!

Swamped by Bell Wether Games

You’ve been hired to collect a rare herb found deep in the heart of one of the world’s most deadly swamps. Together with your newly acquainted team, you must navigate this dangerous environment in a tiny boat to find the legendary plant before night falls or something more sinister finds you first…

In the game players take turns planning and executing movements for the boat in an attempt to collect lucrative natural treasures. As the game progresses, the boat drifts deeper and deeper in the swamp and players may suddenly discover they need to work together to get out of the swamp alive!

DC Dice Masters – World’s Finest by Wizkids

The DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set features fan favorite characters like Batman™, Superman™, Power Girl, and more! The DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set brings the Allies keyword to DC Comics Dice Masters for the first time, and features characters with Iron Will and other brand new mechanics!

With game-play that supports two players in epic dice battles, the DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set will let players build their own team of heroes or villains! The DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh!

Introducing more than 30 heroes and villains (and their dice!), the DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest Starter Set will be sure to stick out as a highlight of your Dice Masters collections!

B-Sieged Darkness & Fury expansion by Cool Mini or Not

The armies of the Abyss have been repelled thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of the intrepid heroes of Modhelm, but an even more dangerous threat marches now towards the Citadel: the mighty legions of the Orc Nation!

To defeat the swift Iron Orcs, the crafty Goblins and the fearsome Trolls, players will need to develop new strategies while preventing the foul acid-born creatures known as Mulfins from breaching the city walls… And beware the fury of Ikomoth, the Dragon, an Avatar of Destruction capable of incinerating all Quarters of the Citadel!

This expansion contains two new heroes, new miniatures and Enemy cards, a customized Event deck and all the components needed to offer a new and exciting game experience.

Oh, and we got in some new vessels for the Star Wars X-Wing game but I don’t think anyone plays that any more.

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