Star Trek: Attack Wing – The Void OP event

STAW The Void OP

The Sentry Box will be hosting the Star Trek: Attack Wing – The Void OP event on Wednesday April 13th at 6:30pm. Entry to the event will be $5.00 and we will begin registration and set-up at 6:00pm.

Players will be required to build their fleets based on the standard tournament rules with a three ship minimum and faction pure builds unless you have an accompanying Resource.

Your fleet is hit by a graviton surge and is pulled through a funnel into the void, a region of space that is devoid of stars and planets. This anomaly is a closed structure encased by an inert layer of subspace. The outer circumference is approximately 9 light years and matter and energy cannot penetrate it. In addition, your ships are being drained of energy at 10 times the normal rate.

Suddenly, you find yourself attacked by other ships that are trapped in the void and your food and technological resources are being stolen by the attacking ships. All new arrivals always try to escape the void, but nothing seems to be able to breach it. And so, they all turn into thieves and killers. Welcome to the void.

There will be prizes for the first place and fellowship players which will consist of the contents of the Void OP kit: 10 Limited Edition Tactics Cards Resource and Reference Participation Prizes and 2 Limited Edition I.R.W. T’Met Competitive Prize Card Packs


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