Splendor Tournament

Splendor Game Mat

The Sentry Box will be hosting a Splendor tournament on Monday February 1st starting at 6:30pm.

The event will use the tournament rules and prizes from the Splendor OP kit. Entry to the event will be $5.00 and participants can get alternate tokens and Noble tiles.

Splendor is a game all about setting up a thriving, international gem business. A Spiel des Jahres nominee that blew everyone away in 2014 with its simple game play and heavy gem tokens.

In this exclusive AsmOPlay kit are incredible, translucent versions of the famous gem tokens that will make an already visually stunning game that much better. You will also receive new noble tiles with original artwork and bonus combinations not featured in the original game, as well as playmats that offer a structured play area.


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