Skirmish Gaming Club: First Game

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The first game that The Sentry Box Skirmish Gaming Club will be playing is the Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy skirmish game by Ganesha Games.

Song of Blades and Heroes is a small-scale fantasy skirmish rule system that takes about 30 minutes to play and requires anywhere from 8 – 10 miniatures. The game plays quickly enough that you can play a campaign in the course of an evening.

The rulebook is available in PDF format for $8.00 from Ganesha Games or from Wargame Vault. A print version of the rules is also available from

The Sentry Box has a wide range of figures that can be used in the game including Mantic Kings of War, Games Workshop figures (check out our stock of individual sprues), Bones, Reaper and even the Pathfinder Battles figures.

The schedule for Song of Blades and Heroes is:

  • Sunday January 24th: First build and paint day
  • Sunday January 31st: Second build and paint day
  • Sunday February 7th: Third Build and Paint Day
  • Sunday February 14th: Final Build and Paint Day
  • Saturday February 20th: First Game Day
  • Saturday February 27th: Second Game Day
  • Sunday March 6th: Third Game Day
  • Saturday March 12th: Final Game Day

We will be scheduling space and setting aside time dedicated to SoBH at these times but you can always come down and play any time you want.

Depending on player interest we may run a Songs of Blades and Heroes campaign on the final two Game Days using the standard rules in SoBH or the expanded campaign rules in the Song of Deeds and Glory rulebook.


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