Military new releases for Monday November 30th, 2015

Its not just boardgame fans that received good news today, as we also received some new military games.

Command & Colors Napoleonics Generals, Marshals and Tacticians Expansion by GMT Games

Generals Marshals Tacticians is the fifth expansion for GMT’s Commands & Colors Napoleonics game system. In my opinion, this expansion will impact your Commands & Colors Napoleonic gaming like no other expansion has done to date.

In this expansion, there are 18 historical battles. A number of these scenarios focus on the engagements of the French army of 1813 against the Russian, Austrian and Prussian armies around Leipzig. Players will also find a few new units including, Russian Lt Lancer Cavalry and Militia Lancer Cavalry, British Rocket Battery, and French Guard Horse Artillery.

No Man’s Land by Ludifolie Editions

By the end of 1914, the armies have dug in. Like a scar spreading across the face of Europe, trench-lines extend from the North Sea to the Swiss border. In the mud and cold, amongst rats and the smell of rotting corpses, millions of men will go over the top to capture the enemy trench and break through the front.

The 11 scenarios of No Man’s Land will allow you to follow the evolution of WW1 trench warfare from many different perspectives: army organization, new tactics and weapons. You’ll learn to master artillery barrages, poison gas, flamethrowers, shock troops, tanks… while overhead the dawn of aviation will provide precious help.

Montmirail & Vauchamps 1814 by Ludifolie Editions

Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814 is a complete game in the Jours de Gloire series. It covers the battles which occurred on February 11 and 14, 1814, during Napoléon’s offensive against Blücher’s Army of Silesia.

Montmirail and Vauchamps 1814 are battles which give players numerous challenges. Can the French player strike hard and fast, before his enemies escape him? Should Napoléon send the Imperial Guard into the battle ? Will the Austro-Russian player have enough time to organize defensive positions ? Can Blücher risk a counter-attack ?

Les Maréchaux III by Vae Victus

The Marshals III covers the campaigns of winter 1814 that took place in France north of Lyon and in Italy on the Mincio. These theatres of operation are considered to be minor since they occurred far from the Emperor’s view who was engaged in the north of France. Nevertheless, important and little-known battles took place there where the young Marie-Louise, the conscripts of the French army, displayed extraordinary courage. The first campaign, that of Marshal Augereau in France, recounts in three scenarios the march on the flanks of the Austrian army engaged against Napoleon.

In the first, the “Lion of Castiglione” must seize Geneva to cover his march on the enemy lines of communication. The second relates the Austrians’ offensive return from Dijon and the fall of Lyon after the battle of Limonest. The third covers the whole campaign from the beginnings of Augereau’s timid offensive to the loss of the “capital of the Gauls”. The second campaign, led by Eugène de Beauharnais, describes the fierce combats for the supremacy of northern Italy. Threatened at his rear by the betrayal of Murat who is moving up from the south of the “boot” with his Neapolitans, Eugène withdrew from Verona to Mantua. The first scenario, very brief, simulates the about-turn of the French on the Mincio to counter the Austrian advance. The second covers the whole campaign from the evacuation of Verona to the victories of Eugène against various enemy threats.


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