Massing at Sullust results

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the second Massing at Sullust event at The Sentry Box yesterday. It was a very close event with the difference between third and sixth being two points.

The top four were

  • James Rodney​ (Imperial Class Star Destroyer)
  • Scott Jackson​ (Home One)
  • Matt Lalonde​ (MC30c Frigate)
  • Alex Thompson (Imperial Raider)

The final game pitted Scott with Rebels against James with the Imperials and Scott managed an impressive sweep of the Imperials to clinch the overall top spot.

We had several door prizes to give away, generously donated by Gamesmith and Galaxy Gaming Gear (both local companies). Steve Hall won the Armada Game Tray and tokens and Paul Hrynyszyn​ won the Laser Line tool.

Dayna Little was awarded the Rogues and Villains pack as a consolation prize.



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