New RPG arrivals

In addition to a slew of new boardgame arrivals, which I will attempt to detail in a later post, we also received a few new goodies for RPG fans.

Age of Rebellion Strongholds of Resistance by Fantasy Flight Games

In this sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Age of Rebellion™ roleplaying game, you’ll find rich, detailed information about worlds actively resisting the Galactic Empire and some of the most important hidden Rebel bases. You’ll also find fresh character options, plenty of new weapons, droids, and ships, as well as a quartet of modular encounters that can be used as one-shot games or as the launching points for more involved adventures. What’s more, all the options you find in Strongholds of Resistance are ready to be integrated into your ongoing Force and Destiny™ or Edge of the Empire™ campaigns, if your Smugglers and Colonists happen upon an Outer Rim base or if your group of Force-sensitives finds themselves in the middle of a diplomatic debate on Chandrila.

Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded Hell on Earth: The Worms’ Turn by Pinnacle Entertainment

The Worms’ Turn is a full-length Plot Point Campaign featuring the aftermath of the climactic battle called “The Harvest.” The Reckoners have been banished to the distant living planet of Banshee, but there’s no time for celebration. The Iron Alliance has learned a terrifying secret—the Reckoners were keeping other, even older terrors in check.

The Worms’ Turn contains a full-length campaign, updates on the events of the Wasted West, and numerous Savage Tales that can be inserted into your own tales of wasteland woe.

Deadlands: Hell on Earth Reloaded Hell on Earth Companion by Pinnacle Entertainment

It’s lonely in the Wastes…take a Companion!

The Hell on Earth Companion gives your scav what she needs to become an honest-to-Oppenheimer cyborg and adds two new Arcane Backgrounds: Librarian and Witch. For those looking for less weird in their Wasted West there’s plenty of guns and gear, details on the dangers of the irradiated future, vehicle combat, and how to contact a lonely AI in the sky.

The Marshal will enjoy twisted takes on the Adventure Generator and Survivor Settlements to help put some flesh on that husk of a campaign, not to mention a few new things to go bump in the night.


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