New Star Wars RPG arrivals

We received so many new releases for the various Star Wars RPGs today that I decided to put them into their own post. More Jedi and Rebel options for your games as well as the first new adventure for Force and Destiny.

Force and Destiny Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

In Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, an adventure supplement for the Star Wars®: Force and Destiny™ roleplaying game, the holocron of a mysterious, vanished Jedi Knight surfaces. Its Gatekeeper offers to instruct you in an incredible Force power and leads you on a perilous interstellar quest in which every choice you make can affect countless innocent lives– and profoundly alter your destiny.

This 96-page, beautifully illustrated book introduces locations throughout the Star Wars galaxy, a new playable species, and a wide range of adversaries from local matriarchs and Clone Wars-era droids to sadistic criminals and vicious wild beasts. Designed to be used with the Force and Destiny roleplaying game, Chronicles of the Gatekeeper can also easily be integrated into an Age of Rebellion™ or Edge of the Empire™ campaign.

Age of Rebellion Specialization Decks

  • Advocate
  • Analyst
  • Diplomat Signature Abilities
  • Propagandist

Force and Destiny Specialization Decks

  • Protector
  • Soresu Defender
  • Shii-Cho Knight
  • Peacekeeper
  • Starfighter Ace
  • Aggressor

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