New arrivals for Friday November 6th

While the streets are filled with busy City workers burrowing under the cement for gold to fix the water main we were just as busy here at The Sentry Box receiving new stock.

Urban Shadows RPG by Magpie Games

Urban Shadows is a table-top role-playing game set in a modern urban setting with a dark shadow cast over it. In Urban Shadows, Vampires, Were-wolfs, Faeries, Ghosts and all manner of powerful creatures roam our world preying on humanity and it’s ignorance of their existence. But not all of them want to hurt or hunt humanity, some of them fight against their natures and expectations to try and live a life among mortality, constantly struggling to be a part of our world yet always apart.

But where there is life, there is hope. Humanity is not alone in their struggles, there are some who have seen the darkness, have let it in and choose to stand up and face the night.

Co-Mix by Ares Games

A storytelling game like nothing you’ve seen before! In Co-Mix. players craft their stories by laying out several cards to create a full blown comic book page.

Up to ten people can join in on the fun, playing individually or in teams. Each player chooses the kind of story to tell – noir, horror, adventure, romance, and if it will be funny, scary, exciting, moving. All players must create the story based on the same title – the best stories will be voted by the other players.

The game features a rich and varied set of cards, representing different panels of a comic book. Cards are laid out to create a complete comic book page following the proposed title. Each card shows an inspirational illustration, with a varied set of characters, actions and settings.

Munchkin Undead by Steve Jackson Games

The Monsters are Back . . . From the Dead!

It just doesn’t feel like a dungeon worth exploring without hordes of undead! Munchkin Undead adds 15 new monsters, curses and items all dealing with the formerly living. Get your pointy sticks and your chainsaws ready because it’s time to kill them all over again!

Munchkin Stocking Stuffers by Steve Jackson Games

Reward all the good little munchkins in your life with a pack of Munchkin Stocking Stuffers! Each pack contains four new holiday-themed Munchkin cards plus a brief explanation of the game. Stocking Stuffers also includes five Munchkin-themed gift tags for your non-Munchkin presents.

Boss Monster Paper & Pixels expansion by Brotherwise Games

A set of 14 cards designed for the digital port of Boss Monster, and offered as a physical bonus. Comprised of:

  • Epic Hero – The Princess
  • Boss – Greg
  • Boss – Explodo
  • Boss – Chase

and two apiece of:

  • Spell – Fireball
  • Trap Room – Demon Circle
  • Trap Room – The Clock Tower
  • Monster Room – Hydra’s Mire
  • Monster Room – Spellslime Incubator

Outbreak Undead Second Edition Starter Set by Hunters Books

Love zombies and wish you could star in your own zombie survival movie? Then this is definitely the Kickstarter for you!
This is the second edition of the role playing game Outbreak: Undead. The game is simple; you play yourself as a character attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse. Your GM gets to customize the story and what kind of zombies you’re up against.
One problem you may have when you’re trying to play as yourself is that some people might fib a bit about their actual capabilities. But the creators – Ivan Van Norman, Robert Watts, and Christopher De La Rosa – have already thought of that! They worked with psychologists, social scientists, police, fire, military, and search/rescue to create a test that you can take that will measure your stats for you so you can play the game!


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