New goodies from FFG

Monday isn’t a day in which we expect new arrivals but thanks to a late mail delivery we have some new products from Fantasy Flight Games today.

Fury Of Dracula

In this board game of deduction and Gothic horror based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel, one player takes on the role of Count Dracula as he seeks to spread his malevolent influence. One to four other players become the hunters who strive to locate this nefarious King of the Un-Dead and vanquish him from the face of the Earth. Our previews thus far have discussed actions and travel, the significance of day and night, the hunters’ strengths and abilities, and combat. Today, at last, you will learn more about Dracula himself and how you may, as the Count, cast your diabolical shadow over an entire continent.

Netrunner Data and Destiny

As a new wave of cybercriminals defy existing profiling algorithms, the 165 new cards from Data and Destiny (three copies each of fifty-five different cards) allow you to seize unprecedented control of your data. Leading the way are three new NBN identity cards, as well as a host of agendas, assets, ice, upgrades, and operations that reinforce the info-giant’s position at the top of the media food chain. Among them, you’ll find new ways to trace and tag your opponents, as well as new ways to use those tags. Tags are information, after all, and no one’s more adept at using this information than NBN.

Dark Heresy Enemies Without

Enemies Without is a new supplement for Dark Heresy Second Edition, drawing you and your fellow Acolytes into another section of the Imperium’s ceaseless war against the darkness of the universe. As you battle ravaging hordes of Orks or oppose the senseless predations of the Dark Eldar, you can benefit from the new character creation options, weapons, and vehicles included in Enemies Without. For the first time, your Acolyte can specialize in the care and use of vehicles by becoming an Ace. In addition, Enemies Without features a host of information for the Game Master to understand the mind of the xenos races and bring them into any campaign.


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