Bits & Mortar

Bits & Mortar

Just a reminder for RPG fans, The Sentry Box is a participant in the Bits & Mortar program. This is an endeavor bu several indie RPG publishers to provide customers of physical RPG books free PDF copies of the same titles.

From the Bits & Mortar website:
If a customer buys a book published by a Bits & Mortar publisher (see the list of publishers here) from their local game or book store, and that book is available online as a combined print and PDF bundle, we will give them the PDF at no additional charge.

If you purchase a copy of a book at The Sentry Box and it is available as part of this program we can email you a download code to get your PDF copy.

One comment on “Bits & Mortar

  1. Is SentryBox still a member of this program?
    I’ve bought some RPGs recently at the store and would like to have the PDFs copies.

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