New arrivals for Thursday Sept, 24th 2015

Another Thursday has come and with it a bounty of new products and expansions to warm the heart of any gamer.


Please note that the FFG products are not available for sale until Friday September 25th.

On Her Majesty’s Service by SMOG

London has become the center of the world and an extraordinary stage where the appearance of monsters, the return of secret cults and the outbreak of infernal machines regularly contend the front page of The Times.

The last one of these incredible events is the arrival of Oberon, ruler of the courts in Faërie, to be present during the jubilee of the Queen. The ceremony is getting closer and the Queen has secretly invited the most avantgardeClubs of the capital to join an expedition in the legendary “Shadow Market”. She promised to cover with honors those who will manage to bring back from this dangerous voyage some precious objects: some keys made of adamant and Atlantean metal, a mithril padlock and a magic chain, magic artifacts which cannot be made in the real world!


Rum & Bones by Cool Mini or Not

Rum & Bones is a game for 2-6 players aged 13+ where players take command of a pirate faction: The swashbuckling Wellsport Brotherhood or the undead Bone Devils. Each side has five characters with a variety of attacks and abilities to fight alongside the faceless crew as they charge headlong across the gangplanks to sink, take, or burn the enemy ship!

It’s a direct head-to-head faceoff inspired by the popular MOBA style video games and brought to the tabletop with beautiful miniatures. Each pirate faction has its own unique theme, and the characters’ abilities combine in startling ways to create killer combos and feats of daring. But, be cautious! Too much power concentrated in one place stands a chance of summoning the mighty Kraken, which can turn the battle in an instant!

Rum & Bones Wellsport Brotherhood Hero set by Cool Mini or Not

Rum & Bones Bone Devils Hero set by Cool Mini or Not

Warband: Against the Darkness by Dyskami Publishing Company

As a player in Warband: Against the Darkness, you control the warband armies of one of the great fantasy races of the Five Realms. Although the great races are currently working together in mutual defence, old habits and rivalries are hard to break and this isn’t in any way a co-operative game. It’s important that your kind emerges victorious from the war with more battle prestige and honour than your temporary and untrustworthy comrades. The player who collects the most Victory Points of one-upmanship for their race by the conclusion of the final battle against the Darkness – gained by advancing your soldiers in the collective warband, earning gold for your army captains, reconnoitring the combat fronts with your scouts, and defeating enemies on the battlefields – has achieved the greatest leadership glory and is declared the winner.

Samurai by Fantasy Flight Games

Samurai, Reiner Knizia’s classic tile-placement game and the second of our Euro Classics line, is now available at local retailers in the U.S. and in our online store. Our edition maintains all of the original mechanics while giving the game an updated look rooted in Japanese artistic styles.

In Samurai, you take on the role of an ambitious daimyo seeking to conquer Japan. To achieve dominance, you’ll need to win over the Buddhist priests that hold sway over the nobles, control the supply of rice, and occupy strategic military installations. Once you command these three areas, the samurai warriors will follow your lead and place the nation in your hands.

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest The Great Devourer by Fantasy Flight Games

The Great Devourer is the first deluxe expansion for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, and it introduces an eighth playable faction to the game: the Tyranids! With a host of units, supports, events, and attachments, the Tyranids enter the game as a fully-fledged faction, led by two distinct warlords. New mechanics allow the Tyranids to infest the planets of the Traxis sector and maintain the synaptic web with the help of a synapse unit. Although the focus in The Great Devourer rests on the Tyranids, every other faction gains a powerful unique army unit to help them stem the tide of death!

Portal by Cryptozoic Entertainment

With a grinding of gears and some uneasy rumbling, Aperture Laboratories has resumed testing! Your team of test subjects has entered the Lab and is ready to perform all sorts of important, dignified, and dangerous testing procedures…all in the pursuit of cake! It’s a fun and funny fast-paced fight to the finish — and by finish, we mean your team probably died.

The Lab is an ever-changing conveyor belt of death and dismemberment. But SCIENTIFIC PROGRESS must be at the forefront of the mind of every good test subject. In Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game, a game of constantly shifting area control and cardplay by the creators of the Portal and Portal 2 video games, players move and Portal their test subjects to various chambers in the lab. At the end of each player’s turn, one of the chambers on the end of the lab gives way, plunging all test subjects on it into oblivion. But should your test subjects have numbered greater than all others in the falling chamber, they earn you some wonderful parting gifts, which can include cake.

Firefly Fistful of Credits by Toy Vault

Firefly: Fistful of Credits is designed for two-to-four players and takes approximately 60-90 minutes to play. With unique Crew card pairings and skills, rollercoaster-like Event cards and multiple scenarios, ‘Firefly: Fistful of Credits’ is a “shoot first, ask questions later” experience that feels straight from the ‘Verse.

The game features 3 Heist scenarios inspired by the episodes Bushwhacked, The Train Job, and Ariel; each with their own highly-detailed board, tokens, and Heist card, which details objectives inspired from the show that must be accomplished in order to win.

Adventure Time Love Letter by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Adventure Time Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck for 2–4 players based on the original Love Letter game by Seiji Kanai, except re-themed with characters of the hit cartoon Adventure Time. Players are suitors trying to gain the affections of Princess Bubblegum (#8).

In a round, each player starts with only one card in hand; one card is removed from play. On a turn, you draw one card, and discard one of the two, using the power of the discarded card to try to eliminate other players from the round. If you’re the last player in the round, or the player with the highest card when the deck runs out, then you score a point. The game is played until a player reaches a certain amount of points determined by the numbers of players.

The card art is styled to be Adventure Time characters “cosplaying” the characters from the Tempest version of Love Letter by AEG.

One difference in this version is a new win condition. If a player plays a “Hero” (#5), either Finn or Jake, and makes another player (including themselves) discard the other “Hero” card, they win the round. The idea is that you are reuniting the iconic best buds.

Super Dungeon Explore Shadow Mode Candy by Soda Pop Miniatures

What happens when a good soda goes bad? Tricked into imbibing a cursed Shadow Soda the Dark Consul has captured a shard of Candy’s essence and spun it into living shadow. Now this dark Nether Shadow terrorizes Crystalia, sowing discord and confusion wherever she goes.

Super Dungeon Explore Wandering Minstrel by Soda Pop Miniatures

The Lunar Elves were driven from their ancestral home in the Dragonback Peaks by the dragon Starfire. Now, scattered across Crystalia they earn their living as best they can as sell-swords and entertainers.

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game The Treachery of Rhudaur by Fantasy Flight Games

Your desperate search for Iárion has led you from the Goblin dungeons of Mount Gram, across the perilous troll-fells, and into the ancient lands once inhabited by the men of Rhudaur before they fell under the shadow of Angmar. Although evil lies both before and behind you, the ruined keep that you have found may well hold some clue to the fate of your friend. Join Amarthíul and battle Undead spirits in The Treachery of Rhudaur, the fourth Adventure Pack in the Angmar Awakened cycle for The Lord of the Ring.

Suburbia 5 Star by Bezier Games

Now that your town is up and running and is acting like a proper township, it’s time to start growing even more rapidly by turning your borough into a tourist destination. Build landmarks, monuments, and tourist traps to increase your reputation and income while determining the player order each turn. In addition, the metropolitan area has expanded, allowing up to five players to build the city of their holiday dreams simultaneously.

Suburbia 5 Star adds elements for a 5th player, 50 unique tiles, 6 new borders and more!

The Curse of Nineveh by Cubicle 7

In ancient times, when Nineveh fell, so too was a terrible evil was banished. This evil, a god named Nabu with ambitions to rule humanity, was bound by the Children of Tranquillity into his former temple and buried beneath the sands. Two and a half thousand years later a group of archaeologists uncovered the Temple of Nabu and unleashed a terrible curse – the Curse of Nineveh!

The Curse of Nineveh is a new seven-part Call of Cthulhu campaign set in London in the summer of 1925. The investigators find themselves embroiled in the events that surround the return of the expedition from Nineveh and the terrible curse that they brought back with them. They must face shadowy watchers, a nefarious criminal mastermind and race against time to stop an ancient plan from being fulfilled – a plan that threatens not only London, but the whole British empire!

Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Atlas of Rokugan by AEG

For twenty years, the Legend of the Five Rings card game and role-playing game have explored the world of Rokugan. Now, for the first time, the Emerald Empire at last gets a single-volume atlas describing and mapping its lands, castles, and cities. This book contains a comprehensive description of Rokugan’s provinces and settlements, along with detailed explorations of its three major cities (Ryoko Owari and the two Imperial Capitals, Otosan Uchi and Toshi Ranbo).


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