Descent Game Night: Forgotten Souls

The Sentry Box will be holding a Descent Game Night on Thursday September 24th at 6:00pm.

We will be running the Forgotten Souls co-operative expansion. There are spaces for up to four players so please register in advance for the game to ensure your space.

Forgotten Souls

Forgotten Souls

Forgotten Souls enables you and up to three friends to experience a mini campaign in one night. You and your friends follow a twisted path, working through the rooms of the dragon’s lair, passing tests and battling any monsters that stand in your way. New rooms and challenges are revealed from an Exploration deck, meaning you’ll never encounter the same dungeon twice in the Forgotten Souls adventure.

Each room that you encounter carries its own objective that you must complete to move on. You may be required to creep through a room of sleeping barghests, or steal dragon treasure from a trash heap. After you either achieve your goal or fail to reach it, you may open the next door and reveal a new Exploration card for you and your fellow heroes to encounter.

Entry to the event is $5.00 and there will be prizes all players involved.

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