Star Trek Attack Wing Year in Hell OP Event

The Sentry Box will be hosting the Star Trek Attack Wing Year in Hell OP Event on Thursday September 17th at 6:30pm.

Attack wing

While in Zahl space, your fleet finds itself embroiled in a battle between the Zahl and the Krenim. A huge spatial distortion wave is heading for your ships and you find that it is impossible to avoid its path as the wave is destabilizing the ships’ warp fields. If the wave hits your ships, it will cause a temporal incursion and your ships will change, and possibly be destroyed. But you’ve calculated that by using temporal shielding, you can avoid the consequences of this temporal incursion and lessen the effects of the wave. Will you be able to do this and defeat your enemy? Or will you be a victim of the spatial distortion wave?

The event will cost $5.00 and prizes are from the Year in Hell OP kit.

  • 10 Emergency Force Field Participation Prize Cards
  • 3 S.S. Bellerophon/ Intrepid-class Starship Pre-painted Plastic Ships

The event will use the standard Squad Building Rules (see page 21 of the full Rules of Play).


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