The Sentry Box Imperial Assault League

Imperial Assault

The Sentry Box will be running a bi-weekly Imperial Assault League starting on Sunday August 23rd and continuing until Sunday October 4th. Entry to the League is $5 and the store will be tracking results for a mid-month draw as well as a final draw for prizes. Prizes will be a combination of store gift cards and items from the Imperial Assault Summer event kit.

The store will be running bi-weekly Imperial Assault game days but players in the League are welcome to play games on any day. Only games played in the store count towards the final League results. You can’t play the same person twice in a row but you can play as many games as you want during the course of the League.

Each game lost is worth one point and a victory is worth three. An additional point (for each player) is available if a person posts a battle report of their game on Facebook, their blog or some other site. During prize draws, points are converted to tickets and prizes will be determined by random draw. At the end of the league there will be prizes for Most Wins, Most Losses as well as some random prize draws.

Game results only count if they are posted to the Calgary Imperial Assault Facebook page. If you post a battle report you will need to post a link with your game result. Zac will be keeping track of results.

There is a signup sheet for the League at the front desk of The Sentry Box and players should feel free to sign-up prior to the start of the event.


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