Epic Card Game Tournament

Epic Card Game

The Sentry Box will be hosting an Epic Card Game Tournament on Monday August 24th at 6:30pm. No experience necessary. We will be teaching new players the rules of the game.

Epic Card Game is a fantasy-themed card game from the makers of Star Realms. Unlike games like Magic the gathering the game has a fixed set of 120 cards that you can use to draft, build decks or just shuffle and play.

Epic Sage cards

The rules for the game are available to download from their website and The Sentry Box has three sets of the print and play decks available for people to use at the event. These print and play decks have a reduced 60 card set taken from the 120 cards that will be available at release.

Entry to the event is free and the winner of the tournament will walk away with a free print and play deck of their very own.

The store has also backed the Kickstarter for this project and we are taking pre-orders for the ten card sets (plus promos) that we will be getting in during September. The shipping product will retail for approximately $20 US and contain 120 cards.


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