New arrivals for Monday July 27th, 2015

The summer storms continue to swing into the city so what better way to enjoy your time inside than with a few new games.

Worlds in Peril by Magicians

Worlds in Peril is a collaborative roleplaying game designed to bring a comic book world to life. Learn the rules to the game by reading the comic inside and follow along to create your own hero with the exact powers and abilities you want them to have by mixing and matching Origin stories and motivations. Test their limits and watch their powers expand and change as you push them to learn and grow. Go up against two-bit villains, world-dominating masterminds, and unknowable beings from different planes of existence. Find out what happens when superheroes are powered by the apocalypse!

These are Kickstarter advance copies that the store has prior to general availability of the game.

Hospital Rush by Passport Game Studios

Paging all interns! The hospital is about to receive a flood of new patients – are you ready?

Hospital Rush puts players in the shoes (and scrubs) of a fresh-faced intern at a prestigious general hospital. You, along with the other interns in your class, vie for the attention and admiration of the doctors on staff as you earn prestige points. You’ll collect medicine for patients in the clinic, learn new skills to treat the more sickly residents, and take tricky exams to make sure you come out top of your class.

Possible side effects of Hospital Rush include copious laughter and losing track of time. This 2012 Fastaval Best Board Game nominee features a one-of-a-kind art style, and gives players options to play the game the way they want to.

El Gaucho by Argentum Verlag Games

In El Gaucho, you take the role of a cattle baron sending your gauchos to the Pampa to collect as much and as stately cattle as possible. Your gauchos exercise their abilities at the dice rodeo. The better they do during training, the easier they catch cattle in the field. Be smart and get in your opponents way with mean tricks by snatching the most valuable cattle from under their noses, or swing your lasso to abduct one of their animals. At home, sort your cattle by race and assemble them in herds only to sell them later for as many Pesos as possible.

Grog Island by Passport Game Studios

In Grog Island, you are a pirate who has put his sword down and retired to the five peninsulas of Grog Island, a tropical paradise where you can sit back, kick up your feet, and invest your amassed fortune in local businesses. You’ll frequent the island’s auction house, where you’ll have to compete against other retired pirates to acquire properties on the five peninsulas, engaging in a war of bidding and backing until every property on the island is owned. Then, and only then, will you know which of Grog Island’s residents is the true mogul.

Grog Island, with its simple ruleset and easy-to-understand mechanics, makes for a great game to pick up and play with your friends. All you need to worry about is when to spend your money, and when to avoid the bad deal.


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