Star Wars X-Wing Player of the Year series

Star Wars X-Wing

The Sentry Box will be hosting a four event Star Wars X-Wing Player of the Year series starting with the first event on Saturday October 3rd. Come out and test your mettle in a series of different X-Wing Miniatures events and prove that you are the best X-Wing player in the area.

The dates for the events are

  • Saturday October 3rd 100pt Dogfight
  • Saturday December 5th 300pt Epic
  • Saturday March 5th Escalation
  • Saturday May 28th (Final) 100pt Dogfight

Entry for each event is $15. Registration opens at 10:00 and games start at 10:30 sharp.

Points gained in each event will be tracked and used to determine seeding in the initial rounds of the Final. The more points you gain in each event, the better your position for the final.

Prizes for the events will come from the FFG Event Kits. In addition the store will also be providing Gift Cards and trophies for the winners of the Final event.

Some details on the prizing and points system for the Player of the Year series.

1st place for an event is 4 points, 2nd is 3 points, 3rd-4th is 2 points and 5th-8th is 1 point. Points are accumulated over the series of three events.

For the final event, 10 points gets you free entry and 2 byes, 7 points gets you free entry and a bye, and 4 points gets you free entry to the final.

Prizing will depend on the number of entrants but will consist of the event kit as well as gift cards for 1st through 6th place and one door prize gift card.

Some funds from the entry fees for the event will be placed in reserve to expand the prize pool for the final Player of the Year event. This will go towards larger prizes for the top ranked players as well as one or two more door prizes.


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