Wrath of Kings Wave 1 in stock

The Sentry Box has received stock of the first wave of releases for the new Wrath of Kings fantasy skirmish game by Cool Mini or Not.

We have received:

  • Wrath of Kings rulebook
  • House Nasier
    • Starter Set
    • Ashman Box
    • Pelegarth Box
    • Greathorn Box
  • House Teknes
    • Starter Box
    • Lineman Box
    • Union Box
    • C.A.G.E. Box
  • House Goritsi
    • Starter Box
    • Zeti Wardancer Box
    • Skorza Box
    • Blood Engine Box
  • House Shael Han
    • Starter Box
    • Wrath Box
    • Dragon Legion Box
    • Fulung Devourer Box
  • House Hadross
    • Starter Box
    • Deepmen Box
    • Servidan Box
    • Orsund Cavalier Box

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