Star Trek Attack Wing Peak Performance Episode OP

attack wing

The Sentry Box will be hosting the Star Trek Attack Wing Peak Performance Episode OP event on Monday May 25th at 6:30pm. Registration for the event starts at 6:00pm and we hope to have games starting at 6:30 sharp.

In order to bring its forces to their peak performance level now that the Borg are an imminent threat, Starfleet has issued orders for all of the ships in its fleet to run battle simulations, creating scenarios in which newer, superior ships are battling older, weaker ones. In these simulations, all weapon systems are to be rendered harmless to prevent any actual damage from occurring. The Federation has enlisted the aid of the Zakdorn, a race known for their battle strategy to help them in this endeavor. The Zakdorn Master Strategist Sirna Kolrami will run the simulations and assess the performance level of all the “combatants”.

Prizing for the event consists of 3 Sakharov / Type 7 Shuttlecraft Prepainted Plastic Ships and Master Strategist Tokens as a participation prize.


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