New releases for Thursday April 2, 2015

All Fool’s Day has come and gone so it seemed auspicious a date to post some new releases.

Doomtown Reloaded: Faith and Fear by AEG

Doomtown: Reloaded is a fast‑paced expandable card game set in the Deadlands™ universe of gun slingin’, spell
slingin’, and mud-slingin’!

Faith and Fear is the first “Pine Box” set for Doomtown: Reloaded and introduces the new Blessed dudes and their miracles. But of course, other forces are always at work, and you’ll find many new cards for all your favorite factions, including four entirely new outfit cards!

Steam Torpedo: First Contact by iello

1924… The First World War has been raging for ten years. You control a new generation of combat submarines. Your mission: take control of the seas to lead your side to ultimate victory. Steam Torpedo is a tactical submarine battle game for two players.

– Simple but engaging 2-player tactical submarine battle game
– Move crew members to activate certain compartments and carefully position your submarine for maximum effect
– Destroy your opponent’s control room or their crew members to win the game
Steam Torpedo: R&D by iello

Steam Torpedo: R&D by iello

This expansion includes 10 new submarine compartment tiles allowing players to diversify and customize their submarines.

Castle Panic The Dark Titan by Fireside Games

The Dark Titan has arrived! Are you prepared? The second expansion to Castle Panic is available now!

Players must stand together more than ever as The Dark Titan Agranok returns from banishment seeking vengeance. He will lay seige to your Castle with help from new Monsters, such as the Dark Sorceress, Elite Monsters, and a Boom Troll.

You get more reinforcements with the Cavalier, Boiling Oil, and Support Tokens, such as the Supply Wagon. Play them wisely and you could save the Castle. But Agranok and his team have many tricks and can overpower you if you don’t stay alert!

A Game of Thrones LCG : A Time for Wolves by FFG

A Time for Wolves introduces sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) that ensure House Arryn and the Vale will soon make a massive impact upon A Game of Thrones: The Card Game . You’ll find no fewer than five cards with the House Arryn trait, including such notable characters as Petyr Baelish ( A Time for Wolves , 77), Alayne Stone ( A Time for Wolves , 71), and Lysa Arryn ( A Time for Wolves , 76). Furthermore, as part of the Wardens cycle, A Time for Wolves adds more strength to decks that feature characters who cost four or more, more trait-based synergies, more interactions with the game’s Castle plots, and more “limited response” abilities for you to trigger.

Android: Netrunner LCG : The Valley by FFG

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of The Valley , the first Data Pack in the SanSan Cycle for Android: Netrunner !

As it boots up the SanSan Cycle , The Valley transports players deep into the heart of SanSan, the number one place for all the top tech. This American megacity sprawls along the California coastline from San Diego in the south to San Francisco in the north. There, you’ll also find Biotech Valley, most often called just “the Valley,” home to the world’s biggest biotech firms and its most advanced genomic research. Home, additionally, to Jinteki Corporation’s flagship American R&D facility, the J-Plex.

With its sixty cards (a complete playset of twenty-two different cards), The Valley explores Biotech Valley and its massive investment into bleeding-edge bioengineering. This is a meatspace heavily colored by genengineering, a highly educated workforce, tech startups, capital investments, and the presence of Jinteki’s J-Plex. You’ll find numerous assets, region ugrades, genetic resources, and a new Jinteki identity. Of course, even in the Valley, you’ll need more than good genes to get by; you’ll also find new programs, ice, and currents for both Corps and Runners.

In Translation: The Strange Character Options by Monte Cook Games

Players want options—especially in The Strange, where their characters’ foci can shift with each new limited world they visit. Character options are what In Translation: The Strange Character Options delivers! This book provides a bounty of new material and new choices to help make character creation—and translation—even more fun, more interesting, and more varied.

In Translation: The Strange Character Options gives you:
More than fifty new abilities for the three character types. Explore new moves for vectors, new revisions for paradoxes, and new twists for spinners.
New descriptors, bringing the total number to more than thirty. Choose from options like Addicted, Crazy, and Slacker (because sometimes a character is best defined by a negative trait) as well as many standard descriptors like Introverted, Kind, and Jovial.

Dozens of new foci, bringing the total to more than sixty available as characters translate between recursions. New foci include Builds Robots, Calculates the Incalculable, Casts Spells, Grows to Towering Heights, Pilots Starcraft, and more.
Options for advancement beyond the sixth tier.

Konito? by iello

Complete more than 1,600 funny expressions! Konito? The party game you will love!

Bridget Jones’s…?
For better or…?
Some like it…?

If you replied “Diary,” “For Worse,” and “Hot” – congratulations! You succeeded in answering a green, easy card and you get to move your pawn one space forward…

The more expressions you complete, the more you advance on the boards. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?


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