New releases for Monday March 30, 2015

Its Monday so it is time to catch up with some of the new releases that have trickled into the store in the last few days.

Zombicide Rue Morgue by Guillotine Games

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue is a cooperative game set in an action-movie universe for 1 to 12 players, ages 13 and up. Players control teams of survivors as they fight off a zombie horde controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies they attract!

Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue introduces a terrifying new zombie type: the Skinner Zombie! Make sure you put these zombies down hard, otherwise something might come crawling for you! …and don’t forget Season 3’s new big bad is the A-Bomb Abomination! An Abomination so twisted and mutated that its elongated arms can drag you back to it as you try to escape!

With all these new foes you’re going to need to team up if you want to survive!! Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue introduces teams into the Zombicide franchise! Players pick from the largest pool of survivors in a Zombicide game yet and form teams to scavenge, loot, and kill zombies! And if you really want to shred through the shuffling dead, you’ll first need to make sure your team has skills that complement each other well.

Smash Monster Rampage! and Smash Monster Rampage! Mega Monster Box by 5th Street Games

A huge monster, taller than the highest skyscraper, is attacking your city! Work together to mobilize your troops and exterminate the beast before every building becomes a heap of rubble.

In Smash Monster Rampage!, players work together to defeat an attacking monster before the town is destroyed or too many survivors are lost. The “Monster Die” generates random actions for the Monster, making the beast unpredictable and dangerous. It sets buildings ablaze, creates devastating quakes, and destroys everything in its path. Taking turns to move their tank and helicopter units, players get into position to attack the Monster. They can win “Monster Hit” cards by successfully firing at the Monster and fulfilling the conditions on the cards.

If the city is flattened before the Monster is defeated, the Monster wins!

Dino Race by Ares Games

Dino Race is a crazy race for two to four players, age 6 and up. Optional rules allow up to 8 people to join the fun!

Each player controls a couple of dinosaurs, racing away from a raging volcano and a river of lava, toward safety. A precious dino egg must be carried out – And as precious as it is, it’s quite a burden to carry while you are running!

Bohnanza: Princes & Pirates by Rio Grande Games

With the Pirates expansion, Bohnanza goes to sea. With Bohnanza, when players harvested beans they immediately sold them for gold coins. With Pirates, players may load their harvested beans onto ships which will deliver them to other markets for higher profits. However, there are pirates on the sea and they lie in wait in their pirate ships to capture the cargoes of merchant ships carrying beans.

Pirates must be played with the Bohnanza basic game as this has the components necessary for up to seven players. Except for changes to the rules described herein, the game is played the same as basic Bohnanza.

Bohnanza: Ladies & Gangsters by Rio Grande Games

Ladies is quite similar to Bohnanza, but gentleman and lady beans have different Beanometers within the same bean type; and baby beans have no Beanometer at all. When harvesting a field, the Beanometer showing on the top-most card (last card played) in the field is the one used for earning gold coins from the harvest. As lady Beanometers give higher payoffs than gentleman Beanometers, players should try to harvest when a lady bean is on top. Also, note that baby beans have no Beanometer, yielding no gold coins when on top of a harvested field. From now on, lady beans are Ladies, baby beans are Babies, and gentleman beans are Gents.

Fief by Asyncron Games

In a realm of Middle Ages, you will fight to make your family the most powerful family: intrigues, negotiations, political marriages, war and disloyalty: the end justifies the means! Try to make electing your family’s members as King, Queen or Pope… and get the benefits of that. In order to extend its domination and influence, each family has different means:

An economic power: taxes’ and mills’ incomes
A military power: soldiers, siege engines and fortifications
A politic power: bishoprics and fiefs, alliance and votes

The Amberden Affair by Two Penny Games

One player will secretly be given the role of the Miscreant Impostor. This cunning footman has infiltrated the staff and has malicious motives of his own. It is his duty to poison each of the three dignitaries without getting caught.

As the players are going about fulfilling orders, they will also be trying to identify the Miscreant Impostor. As suspicions mount, players will cast “rumor tokens” into the Rumor Mill with hopes that a correct accusation at the end of the round will result in more points. When that time comes, each player will take the chance to accuse the player he or she believes to be the Miscreant Impostor. Identities are then revealed and points added. The player with the most points wins.


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