D&D Attack Wing Month 4 OP

    D&D Attack Wing

    The Sentry Box will be hosting the third month of the D&D Attack Wing Organized Play series on Monday April 28th at 6:30pm. Entry for the event is $10 and includes a blind booster.

    Campaign Adventure 4: The Owlbear Joke
    A traveling tinker and her apprentice, each carrying the tools of their trade, found themselves being chased by an owlbear. The apprentice, noting that the monster was catching up, dropped all his tools, but his mistress retained her hammer. “I should have thought of that,” said the young man. “We may have to turn and fight, for it looks like we won’t be able to outrun the creature.”

    Just then he fell, having received a blunt hammer blow to his knee, and as his mistress continued running, he heard her say, “But I don’t need to outrun the owlbear; I need only to outrun YOU.” You laughed at that old joke once, many years ago, but you’re not laughing now. Now you’re living it (sort of), and hoping that maybe the other guys haven’t heard it.

    Both your force and your rival’s force are returning from looting an enemy keep. You are each pushing a massive armored wagon loaded with treasure (either to provide tribute to Tiamat, or to keep it from her). On solid axles with ratcheted wheels, you can neither turn nor back up, and that means that now, with a massive enemy legion giving chase, you can’t split up, or have any chance of surviving?

    The scenario for the event is available to download from the Wizkids website.

    Please note that the date on this event has changed


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