Dust Battlefield Game Day

Dust Tactics Battlefield

The Sentry Box will be hosting our second Dust Tactics Battlefield Game Day on Sunday April 12th. Come down and check out the game or bring down your own Dust miniatures and get in a game.

The store will have a demo force available if you are interested in trying out this miniature game.

Another Earth. A different 1947. The Second World War has raged for nearly a decade and its grip has spread to every continent on the planet. War has advanced swiftly and strangely in the Dust universe through the application of Alien VK technology — a limitless source of energy in its simplest form, and an unthinkable weapon in the wrong hands.

Out of the mind of Paolo Parente comes the world of Dust, a world where tanks have evolved into powerful combat walkers, where rocket troops take to the skies and the latest laser cannon, phasers, and Tesla weapons rule.

The Dust Tactics Battlefield rules are available for download in PDF format if you want to check them out before the event.


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